My Milkman’s Daughter
|   Jul 16, 2016
My Milkman’s Daughter

Last month, one day, when I opened door expecting my milkman there was pretty girl asking for my name with a pot filled with the quantity of milk I take from a milkman. She fast in telling she is the daughter of Uma Shankar Yadav from whom we take the service and because her father was out of station for some work she had come. I was very much impressed by her smartness and her help at her father’s profession. Next day when she came I asked her to come in but she was quite professional saying she has to manage things at home and go to college. I asked for her name and the name of college she studies in. She told she is Kusum and a student of BA in a nearby women’s degree college. I was simply impressed.
She had again come on behalf of her father last week telling that her parents are gone to attend a relative’s wedding.
When the next day I saw Yadav ji back on his job, I could not resist myself from asking about the daughter. He said he has only two daughters who manage the cows and rest of his profession when he is out for some work. He also told me that he is not very educated person and does not understand much about keeping the account books. So, the daughter does this for him along with helping her younger sister in her studies as his younger daughter is studying computers.  
Kusum may be doing something not as appreciated as that of other daughters who run an office, a country, fly a fighter plane, shine as a sport star or become a doctor, engineer, lawyer but I feel she is no less than other successful daughters who have made their parents feel proud on them.

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