Ohh.. Feminism !!
|   Mar 01, 2017
Ohh.. Feminism !!

A few days back on Shivratri, when I was around a temple with my father, someone known to my father greeted him. Showing my nice sanskars I also offered namaastay to the uncle and also to another uncle he was accompanied by. My father’s friend accepted my greetings with a smile and asked my father whether I am the elder daughter or the younger one of him. So, I clarified that I am the younger one. But I noticed a grinning face of the other uncle who passed a tone, “कितनी बहने हो तुम लोग? तीन या चार? (How many sisters are you, three or four?)” I replied “(दो बहने है अंकल) we are two sisters uncle!”

I know he was not at all interested in the well-being of any of my sisters had I had three or four of them. People like him taunt others on their position and status by making them count how many daughters (responsibilities) they have. People like him readily explain how daughters are pure burdens and sons are pure assets.

Many people look for girls on Navratri to invite them and adore at their home so that all their wishes get complete.  But many of such people I know make wishes to have a son instead of a daughter. How pity is that! We want others' girls to come to our place and bless us but we do not pray that girl to be our own child. Unfortunately, the practical reasons exist. It is tough to protect a girl all through her life from being hurt by anyone’s disgusting mentality and acts.

There are strict rules against female infanticide but we openly welcome dowry and higher place for the parents of boys in our society. A women who is ready to do all kind of sacrifices, who is ready to give up all her dreams and who never raise questions on ancient rituals hurting her deep inside, is a women the society wants.

Women are taught to be Seeta always who never speaks up for her rights even if it is not her mistake that a wicked person kidnapped her. However, women can also be Durga who destroys the entire army of even the most powerful demon for their evil eye on her.

If you are a women, you must have noticed a bit of partiality or gender discrimination with yourself or some other women you know very well. The society, the religion, the culture or the custom must have taught you that you are not good enough for something simply because of your being a women. The women’s day is a call to prove our worthiness for everything. The women’s day is to realize this and take a pledge to stay unite on any injustice against women.

The celebration of feminism is just around the corner as the international women’s day is coming in 7 days. The online stores and other quality stores are going to offer special discounts on lipsticks, nail paints and other luxury cosmetics most ladies love to avail. However, there is something more important to ascertain on this day. I would suggest all women to pass on a friendly smile at every other women you meet on this day. This would give them all as well as you a feeling of togetherness and strength. Take the pledge not to ignore any injustice against any women that comes to your notice. You might be accused, like me, for being a feminist sometimes but your little courage and high determination is going to make the women’s day worth.

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