The Complete Woman
|   Feb 18, 2016
The Complete Woman

Almost all of us must have come across to the image of a complete man. This man used to appear in good quality luxury clothing and getting all the women around him flattered. But that is an old sense now. It is in recent times, people have realized that the promo of a complete man is rather incomplete without the presence of a woman in that. The appearance of a lady is essential for advertising even a shaving foam for men. Male deodorants have no sale until women promote it. However, lady grooming products hardly need men to know about their use. Eventually, the hot concept of our age is that of “complete woman”.

A woman has been a perfect home maker since years. Most of the talks about a successful women, in our society some 15 years ago, used to roam around a lady in sari managing the entire family and house. This lady had a clear idea of everything to be used in home making. She knew the best detergent to clean the dirtiest cloths. She knew the best dish washer, best mosquito repellent and best cooking appliances too. However, the time now has changed the image of a successful woman into a complete woman. The lady who used to get up early for getting others ready for their school or office is now making herself ready for work place too. This lady needs no extra time to manage her responsibility towards her family, kids, colleagues, neighbors and society. All this within the same 24 hours of clock being followed since years. The capabilities of a woman have dumped the old image of successful women and painted a new image of ‘complete women’. She can make home, she can take care of family, she can manage office and she can party hard. But the most unbelievable thing about her role is that she can perform all these roles in the same day.  

Did you notice even in recent television adds, when there are two generations of ladies is rolled out, the older one is appearing in sari while the contemporary one is in salwar-kamiz or jeans- kurti. Yes, the expansion in role of a women has changed her appearance in society. Women are driving cars and riding scooters in full-on cool attitude. She can do it all for herself. And not just for herself, she is performing the roles of daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and mother too. The way a women does all her jobs makes it look a comfort job. It seems that the challenges of life are giving pleasure to the women.

Women are achieving all those un-achievable things which were thought to be a superwomen task. Some years ago when I was studying Indira Nooyi, I noticed that she has also lived the same feminine life. She has home to make, family and kids to take care. But, she has made it all very well and that is what makes her a complete women. Let me take the name of M. C. Mary Kom. The lady has completely changed the boundaries of sports women. The most significant of her achievements come after she became a mother. She is a complete women. I would also take example of actresses Shilpa Shetty and Kajol who are still performing the roles of more than just an actress. They are wives and mothers too.

There are still some old mentality women who say it affirm that the ladies who go out for work have no sense of home making or family life. But, trust me there is no reason to follow this mindset. there are more than hundred examples around me who prove such a mentality is nothing but ignorance. It was an old chat when ladies were happy settling down with a high income man and enjoying a tension free life. Today’s women loves challenges. She never takes the word impossible seriously and keeps approaching the new horizons. Reason being the same, let us start the celebration of 'the complete woman' before the particular women’s day arrives. An old saying used to put that there is a women behind the success of every man. But, now the women are not behind. They are not just promoting others to be successful, they are successful themselves.

All the days are there to cherish the virtues of a women that has always been blessing the human lives in our beautiful world. So before wishing happy women’s day celebrate the era of complete woman.

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