10 years of hell....
|   Apr 16, 2017
10 years of hell....

It had been 6 months since Parineeta settled in Mumbai. Now, she contacted her parents and informed them about her being in Mumbai.

10 years had passed for Parineeta's marriage with Sujoy. 

Parineeta lived with her parents in Kanpur. Parineeta had just passed her post graduation and her dad fixed her marriage with Sujoy. Parineeta was not yet ready for marriage but her dad was keen. Soon, the dates were finalised for wedding and all preparations started.

Before Parineeta could understand the d-day arrived and she was married to Sujoy. Sujoy and Patineeta went Kolkata as he was from there. 

Few months things were normal but slowly Parineeta got to know that Sujoy had a habit of drinking alcohol after his office work.

Sujoy started coming late and drunk. He was an egoistic and abusive person. He started beating Parineeta and never loved or cared her. For him marriage was just a custom to be followed for the society.

Parineeta complained her mom, but she told her that she had to stay with Sujoy, whatever situations maybe, for the sake of her younger sister. As if she comes back, nobody will marry her younger sister. Parineeta loved her sister very much and so she kept mum and prayed for situations to change but luck was not in her favour, things remained same.

After 2 years of  marriage, Parineeta became mother to a cute baby girl Ananya. She thought after the birth of baby, Sujoy may change but her hopes failed. Sujoy remained same instead as days passed he was becoming more unbearable. He never felt for the baby. He didn't have any fatherly feeling for Ananya. 

Now, Ananya was 2 years old, Parineeta kept her for day baby care and joined a job. In the work time Parineeta felt relief and forgot about Sujoy. She felt as if for many years she forgot to laugh and feel life. But with her colleagues she felt happy and lively. She started to go for movies and picnics with them.

Sujoy noticed change in Parineeta and started suspecting and doubting her of having any affair. He became more harsh. 

Once a colleague friend of her noticed a mark on her forehead, for which Parineeta lied and said she fell down as the floor was wet. Many times it happened that her colleagues noticed such beaten marks and she denied. She always kept mum for sake of her daughter and life went on.

Ananya was now 7 years old school going girl. She never saw her dad in any of the parents teacher meet at school, it was only Parineeta who attended. Ananya used to see her dad beating her mom but was afraid to tell anybody.

Parineeta was now completely done with Sujoy. She wanted to be away from him as life was a hell for her and she couldn't take it anymore. She felt that Ananya was growing and for her sake she had to be take some serious step. She bursted out her feelings before one of her colleague Suhana and told her all the years she went through.

Suhana had a friend in Mumbai and with help of her Parineeta managed to get job and a rented flat to live in. 

Parineeta resigned her present job and left Kolkata with Ananya before Sujoy returned home from his job. Sujoy called up Parineeta's parents and informed them of  Parineeta and Ananya missing. 

Parineeta's parents too realised their mistake of marrying her with such a cruel man. They accused him of doing harm to Parineeta and Ananya.

After 6 months parineeta called her mom and informed that they were safe at Mumbai. 

Patineeta was happy ever after......

Many woman in India face such situations and can't do anything, just live the situations they are for the sake of family and society.

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