Letter from Amma.
|   Feb 10, 2017
Letter from Amma.

Aman lived in the USA. with his wife and two sons. He was very successful. He lived a very happy life, the life all wished to live.

One day he received a letter.

" My dearest son,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. Neha, Sahil and Samir might be good and happy as my son is with them, to love and care.

I wanted to tell you that, now I have almost moved to much forward with my age. My skin has got wrinkles and it has become loose, no anti aging cream that you used to give me can work. My eyesight has become more weak and glasses going thick. I remember, you cried when you had to wear glasses for somedays as you had issue with your eyesight. My hands are shivering, I cannot hold spoon properly, due to that my food falls on my dress. I remember when you were small and I used to feed with my hands. Once you had a deep cut on finger and I helped you have food. I don't have teeth to chew food. I remember when you were a toddler and I used to smash and grind food for you. I walk with the help of stick. when you took first step, I was beside you to support you. Whenever you needed me, I used to feel and was there to help and guide you.

My blessings for you. You have great years ahead. Be successful and  live a happy life.

Yours loving


As Aman ends reading letter, tring tring rings his cellphone. He receives call, he took aback and feels the Earth moved under his legs, the person on other side was his uncle giving him message that Amma passed away.

Tears rolled down his eyes. He felt that, all his success and money were useless as when Amma wanted him beside her, he was away. Amma felt his need and stood beside but he was not with her when she did. He didn't feel her need and before he could understand, she went away. 

Aman came for her last rights. He had regrets in his heart. 


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