Can i please relive this day......
|   Jul 24, 2016
Can i please relive this day......

Today is a very special day, guess why? Well we celebrate two years today, two year of togetherness, two years of love, two years of a beautiful relationship. Well enough of the suspense, we celebrate two years of motherhood. Before you wish my baby happy birthday, let me tell you my little is 16 months old and hasn’t touched the 24 month mark yet.

Flashback 2 years back: I had returned from a month long vacation to US on the 18th July. I was jet lagged, cranky, irritable, upset, you name it and I had that feeling. I missed my oldest sister and my niece terribly, we had had a great time. And who bore the brunt of this, it was no other but my husband. Initially we blamed it on jet lag, but later I started to feel something was wrong. I was nauseous in the morning, would wake up at 2am and start eating. I was in denial, while I was back in India, my body still lived the life in US. An irate husband finally gave me a piece of his mind saying, enough now get back to the routine. This upset me even more, and I stopped talking to him. Finally on the 24th morning, I woke up feeling sick, groggy and irritable like usual. I had almost started to believe that something was gravely wrong with me. While I was drinking my cup of tea at 6:30 in the morning, my husband pressed something into my palms. I looked at it and saw a pregnancy test kit. I looked at him confused and said, you know its impossible, I have low progesterone and PCOD, doctors have said we need to try IVF now, this is a joke. My super calm and patient husband who had been living through the torture ever since I had arrived, said, I know, but what if there is a miracle. I almost thought he had lost his mind and I laughed my sarcastic laugh saying, shona this is jet lag and I promise to improve my mood soon. I finished my tea and started work for the day as I had a deadline that day.

The kit remained on my desk while I got busy finished my document. Around 8:30 am, having finished my deadline, I started planning the menu for the day. While I was thinking what to cook, nausea hit me and there I was feeling terribly sick. I rested my head on the desk and my eyes spotted the kit. Maybe I should, I thought. With no further thoughts, I got up and went straight to the bathroom to check. I waited and in no time for the first time I saw two lines emerge. I was almost convinced that it was negative that I had thrown the instructions card in the dustbin. An anxious me started rummaging through soiled tissue paper to find the instruction card. I finally found the card and when I matched the results, I was in shock. It was positive, I was pregnant. I have heard women say that they cry in happiness, I leapt out of shock and I yelled out to my husband, Amit I am pregnant. He came running and verified the same, yes I was pregnant and this was a big shocker.

We rushed to the nearest hospital to get the same confirmed and yes I was pregnant. That afternoon we met our doctor and she congratulated us. I was in shock, I was pregnant. It definitely took a while to sink in that I was pregnant till I heard my little one’s heartbeat.

And today is the day when my journey as a mother had begun 2 years back. It was a beautiful feeling and if I could go back in time, this day would definitely be one of the days I would love to relive.

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