And a Mother was born :)
|   Jul 18, 2016
And a Mother was born :)

One thing that Mother hood has taught me is patience for sure, I am such an impatient person that i hardly take 5 mins to finish a full course meal, Anticipation just kills me, i never miss and phone call ANY mean any, even if i see airtel flashing on my mobile screen, But now i hardly attend any call, because most of the times my phone is on silent as i dont want my lil one to get disturb in his sleep. i was a person who couldnt simply lie down doing nothing , but now i simply quitely lie down by my lil one's side for an hour in an attempt to make him sleep,an attempt in which i am not successful most of the times, just when i start to think that now he is quite and sleeping and i can have whole 20 40 minutes for whatev time he is sleeping to myself , i can read or watch videos or apply nailpaint then suddenly i will hear a sweet giggle by my side and next thing i know is my blender without the top (my baby) jumps off the bed and start running in the room throwing every possible thing he could reach at.

But then nothing matters in front of the happiness which we see in our child's eyes. So coming back to the point, when you are in your 9th month you start worrying about different things , like will it be a normal or C- sec, how will i handle the baby, how painfull it will be etc etc. but Me i was told that i am going to have a c-sec as my cervix was not ready and baby was ready to come out, so my reason for worrying was that they will give spinal anesthesia in stead of full anesthesia . and NO , not because they will prick my back and it will be painfull . but because in spinal anesthesia i will be in my senses and i will get Bored In the OT..

when it was the D Day , we entered hospital and all pre checks and procedure were done and it was the time to enter to OT(operation theatre), i was shifted to a strecher and ward boys started to take me into the OT, thousands things were flowing in my mind but the most prominent one was what will i do in OT for 30 40 min , i will get too bored. I even asked the same to my anesthetist , she started laughing. but this was not at all funny for me . i was seriously worried about getting bore . Finally i was entering OT, and i shouted stop, i hugged my husband and cried. at that time it hit me what if i die ...although it was very silly.but yeah all those things come in your mind. and finally after the crying session i was in OT bending like a rubber for spinal anesthesia and it was done after around 10 mins of torture and my lower half was numb.

Doctor was all ready with the instruments which were looking like big knifes to me which i saw are used for cutting meat along the roadside shops. Doc asked the anesthetist can we start , and i was still feeling someting in my left foot so i shouted no doc please dont, i can still feel my foot, they asked me to move it and i cudnt so that meant doctors can start cutting me. suddenly my eyes went on the big light which was on me , which doctors use during operations(i have seen in the TV all the time anyone is in OT that big light is on the patient ), and in that light there were some shiney surfaces on which i was able to see the reflection of my tummy and lower body on which doc was about to START. and like most of us i am also a girl who pukes if i see blood ,so definately i was not brave enough to see my self geting cut and blood and all, so i again shouted Doc please stop , i can see my self. they adjusted the light but i was still able to see the sight . so i again asked them to stop. and this time doc covered my eyes and asked me to shut up . finally they started and i asked doc to put on some good music , which my doc complied , till this time i was the girl who lacks patience , who was not much resposible, who wasnt mature for sure and quite childish.and finally in 20 mins i heard a very unusual sound , doc asked did you hear, baby is coming out and its him crying. i was numb for about a minute ,i was not able to react, i forgot the world. it was just me and that sound. and then doc was holding him in hands and showed me, it was the most beautiful tiny thing i ever saw . i was happy like i was never before , i wanted to scream, wantec to hug him. and from that moment a new me was born , a more responsible, mature, caring and patient Me. A mother was born. 

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