The transition from a working girl to stay at home mom 
|   Feb 08, 2017
The transition from a working girl to stay at home mom 

' Live life as if there is no tomorrow'.. That was the motto of life before marriage.  Masti with friends,  enjoyment, office bitching was only the life I was living and was content with it until I was convinced to get married by my parents. The girl who never thought before spending started to think before spending after marriage.  What had happened to me.. After high school  I had started  taking tuition so never asked for money from anyone even before getting 18. 

I left my job post marriage. I wanted to give my whole time to marriage. Never wanted to have any regret in life that the best time after marriage I never enjoyed. Having an arranged marriage we needed to give time to reach other for better understanding. 

With leaving job I left my confidence my decision making ability. And above all asking for money was making me feel v troublesome. Although my husband always gave me his credit card and debit cards and money before even asking but in a corner of my heart I knew I can't spend before thinking.. Not coz hubby will question but b coz I don't earn and I have to respect the money. 

Aisa nhi ki zindagi haseen nahi thi par ab kuch badal gaya Tha. Something changed in me. I became more responsible.  

Then I started my journey of parenthood. I have a lovely son and a loving husband, but ek kasak Hai of earning and financially helping my husband. Although right now I am not thinking to work as my baby needs me more. But one day I will definitely restart my career.  I am happy being a stay at home mom but I will definitely do something which would not disturb my family and I will also be satisfied. I feel all stay at home moms should do something which make them happy to gain their confidence back.  I am working on it and dear all mom's please start.  

I have just started blogging.. Although I know they are not best but I am happy to atleast do something constructive rather than wasting time on TV which is now making me happy.  Dear moms pls aspire to do things...

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