Being a MOM!!!
|   Aug 29, 2016
Being a MOM!!!

I am blessed with a baby boy who is about 8 m0nths old now. My journey so far as a mother was a roller coaster ride filled with many adventures and a bunch of emotions. I had my portion of struggles and happiness. But at the end of the day i am very happy and enjoying my motherhood.

I had a cessarian because my baby had suffered meconium aspiration as we were waiting for a normal delivery. So even after delivery our baby was kept in NICU for around two weeks. So at that time i used to go to NICU every two hours inorder to feed him. Sometimes the nurse will give him to me and he will suck the milk directly. But he was too weak to do this always. So i had to express the milk and give him. It was not a nice experience. I could not use a breast pump as the milk flow was just starting as i had a c-section. So i was forced to get the milk for my baby from my breast with my squeezing them really hard. I was doing this on a regular basis like around 10 times a day. And believe me it was very very painful. But i did it for the sake of my baby. Whenever i feel like i cant do this i will think of my precious lil one crying with hunger. Then i will get the energy to keep going. This continued for whole two weeks. After that we got discharged.

After reaching home, my whole world revolved around my baby. My days were filled with things like feeding him,changing soiled clothes, bathing him,putting him to sleep,talking with him for the very little time he is awake and after all catching up with whatever little sleep i could get. I was very sleep deprived as i cant sleep during day time. My mother advised me to sleep whenever the baby slept. But i tried and failed to do so. I ended up admiring my sleeping beauty during daytime. But my baby slept peacefully during daytime and at night kept everyone at my home busy trying soothing him as he cried a lot during night.

I had my mother and younger sister to support me in the initial days. They looked after both me and my baby. Also my father did whatever he can do during daytime. My husband would visit us from Bangalore where he was working.

The first three months passed in a flash and we held his naming ceremony with all the happy relatives. Then both me and my baby was shifted to my husband's home. His mother was there to support me. By that time i was comfortable with all the motherly responsibilities. Also my husband opted for work from home so that he can spend some quality time with us. Days were passing in a hurry and soon it was time for us to travel to Bangalore where we are settled.

Upon reaching Bangalore everything went back to normal routine. Every day was almost same except for some little surprises from our little one. He started to spend more time awake. He started to give that beautiful smile of his more often. He started to make little sounds to express his feelings. He started to lie on his tummy and soon crawling all over the floor. Then one day he stood on all fours and flashed that naughty smile at me. Now he sits with support. We all at home are waiting for his pearly white teeth to appear as nowadays he is biting everything within his reach,including me!

It is a wonderful experience to see a newborn bloom into a child. Each and every day is a learning experience for the parents.Each milestone of his growth is a moment to be cherished.

I am grateful to all those who supported me through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. And above all I love being a mother to my precious little one.

A big salute to all the mothers!!!

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