Dilemmas of a SAHM
|   Sep 07, 2016
Dilemmas of a SAHM

Every mother was once a small girl who was pampered by her parents and family. Then she grew up to become a woman but still that little girl lives inside her.During the early days of marriage her husband also treats her as if she is the Queen of his world. But once she becomes a mother, the baby becomes the cynosure of the whole family. Not even her husband care for the little things about her. But those days are the ones when she yearns for some extra caring and attention.But she is too busy with the newfound motherhood to ask for that care. She herself starts to put baby's needs in front of her own needs. A new mother will go through many emotions like anxiety about her baby,whether she is doing a good job as a mother, about her own body,mood swings etc. To overcome all these she needs the wholehearted support from her husband and other family members.

Apart from the motherly duties, she have to take care of the household chores and other such things. In addition to that in case of a SAHM who wants to return to work, she will be struggling to find a job after the break.A little help from her husband will be highly appreciated. To add to all these there can be many issues like responsibilities to other family members like inlaws. 

In case of a SAHM with a small baby (who is breastfeeding), staying with her husband and MIL, there are a lot of responsibilities like taking care of the baby,taking care of the household chores,cooking, cleaning, washing clothes,taking care of the sick MIL,tending to the needs of her working husband and after all,if there is time left, taking care of herself!!! 

More often the husband needs a reminder that his wife too is a human being with her own needs and set of ailments. Even though she wants to take care of everything including the baby,mil,house etc her sleep deprived body and mind wont be cooperative.So this is a humble request to all those loving husbands out there - Please stop telling your wives to take care of your baby/mother/house work/ anything in a better way. Because she loves her baby more than you and will go to any extent to make sure its wellbeing. And about your mother, she is trying her best to make her mother in law happy. Just imagine you leaving your parents at their home and going to your wife's place to live with her parents and trying to make them happy by tending to all their needs. Pretty tough,huh??!! This is exactly what your wife does. She does that happily because she loves you and she will do anything she can to make you and your loved ones happy. So next time before you start criticising your wife for not helping your mother at kitchen or not doing the cleaning just think about all the great things she have done for you. She left her family to come live with you, she carried your child in her body,she suffered huge amount of pain to bring your child to this world,she sacrificed many things to bring up your child in a good manner. She have done many other things like giving up her career, her hobbies, her interests,her likes , not because she had to but she chose to. So please try to understand her and empathize. All she needs is a tight hug and a kiss on forehead. Once in a while, pamper her with your live. You will be surprised by the result.

A big thank you to all those husbands who already share the workload of their wives.Husbands should support their wives not only financially but also emotionally. Marriage is a journey of two people travelling to same destination. Support your partner throughout the journey with all your love. 

Happy journey everyone!!!  

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