Importance of extended family
|   Sep 19, 2016
Importance of extended family

In today's world of nuclear families, everybody forgets the importance of joint family. I am not a big fan of joint family but I do appreciate the advantages of having an extended family staying with us. Just imagine our kids growing up in a loving environment with grandparents,uncles,aunties,cousins and all. How much love and fun that will be!!! Living in a joint family helps us learn the lessons of sharing and caring.We will learn to accept differences in opinion and adjust ourselves. We learn to put others in front of ourselves. We learn to live for other's happiness.All of these have a positive impact on our kids. They always find themselves surrounded with people who are ready to help and give advice,if needed. Children in joint families will be emotionally stronger with support and love from many elders.

A joint family is similar to a smaller society with many different tastes and different opinions. This difference in opinions and choices may sometimes lead to small conflicts and arguments. But at the end, we learn to adjust and adapt well. These qualities are very much important for the success in life. 

Apart from these things, the fun element of growing up in a joint family is very high. There will be lots of other kids to play with. There will be elder and younger cousins. Elder children will learn to take responsibility for the younger ones while younger ones learn to obey their elders. 

As every good thing has a bad side, joint family too have its own share of disadvantages. Lack of privacy is one of them. If there are serious disagreements among family members, life in the joint family will be very difficult. Nuclear family also have its own set of advantages and disadvantages.So it is purely a personal choice, whether to live in a joint family or a nuclear family.

After all, as the old saying goes...Blood is thicker than water.

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