|   Apr 16, 2017

I always write based upon true stories or witnessed incidents, seen incidents in life..

When I was travelling in the auto , one lady sat besides me, with tears in her eyes, worried, in tension..

As I was hesitant to talk with the strangers, what they think, how they respond to me.  Any how I started conversation with her..

Asked her what happened? Why are you crying, any thing wrong?..

At first she was hesitant to talk with me, later on she started saying her story, nothing serious but I'm in tension and worried because of  my baby effected with eye allergy..

On first day she started rubbing her eyes, don't know what the reason was? 

Later on as days passed, her one eye become red, then we were worried, took her to the children's specialist , doctor said it might be allergy, he prescribed antibiotics, then came home, gave antibiotics drops for one day, but more irritation started due to antibiotics..

Then the next day we went near eyes specialist, he was very senior and gave right medicine, right diagnosed ,it is allergy, so he prescribed steroids.. Doctor said no need to worry..

So we started giving steroids drops, then redness in the eye decreased, so much relieved, then went near doctor for review, the other eye got effected, due to allergy, so he again suggested to give same drops for 2 to 3 days, still it continuing, 

Doctor said allergy may occur due to pets, fur, flower pots, coolers..

Should be careful with these , all are not sensitive to these , but some are sensitive..

 she concluded,by saying hope it cures quickly,  she got up from the auto and went to her destination

Then after her stop I was still travelling in the auto, 

At last my destination came and I got down from the auto, went to home, but my taughts are still with the lady who I met in the auto..

It continues. 

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