|   Apr 17, 2017

Hello all,

I'm going to share an experience of one of my very close cousin, who was pregnant and diagnosed with the IUGR and how she fought with the it..

Every pregnant women should know about IUGR!

IUGR stands for Intra Uterine Growth Restriction..In this condition the fetus won't be able to get enough oxygen and blood supply inside the womb..

Here comes the story of my cousin..

She is a twenty-five-year (25) old girl who got married five years ago. After trying for so many years, she had finally conceived. She felt very happy. No words to speak. She was surprised to see those two pink lines on the pregnancy test, and she asked herself  so many times, is it true?? Whether she was in dream or in reality, but  the truth was that, she was PREGNANT..

As the days passed, nausea, acidity, and all pregnancy symptoms started showing, 

Monthly checkups, scans are all part of the pregnancy phase. As the days and gradually months passed, the advance stage had finally come closer and when she was in her seventh month of pregnancy, she visited the radiologist for the Doppler scan. That day turned to be a very tough day for her. She came to know that her baby is not growing inside the womb. She came to know that her baby is suffering from IUGR. In this condition sufficient amounts of oxygen and blood do not get supplied to the fetus. Why does it occur? Don't know the reason, but mostly it affects women in their seventh month of pregnancy. Due to inadequate supply of blood and oxygen, baby's growth is restricted and the weight was lower than normal

She was shocked to hear all of this, then she asked the doctor about the steps required to improve the baby's weight. Then the doctor, suggested my cousin to eat more protein. But sometimes, even protein wouldn't be of much help.

With growing concern, she decided to take a second opinion and went to an other nearest gynecologist with the scanned report, even she said same as radiologist. The doctor prescribed steroids for baby's growth to be on safer side.

The doctor suggested my cousin to observe the baby's movements and count the kicks. She also suggested that, in case the kicks slows down, the patient should be operated before the scheduled date.

By luck, nothing happened, and the baby was active inside..

Finally, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Though the little girl was under weight, she was very active. She was so active, that the pediatrician didn't put her in ICU.

She was so relieved..    She felt very happy..

The doctor advised to feed more, to increase the baby's weight.

Finally it was a happy ending..

My niece is all grown up, and now she is healthy and fit..

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this post..

Until then,

Happy Parenting

-Mridula Rao

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