Safety tips for toddlers
|   Apr 10, 2017
Safety tips for toddlers

Toddlers are having full energy and curious about new things, try to explore every thing..

As parents, this is the time when we want to let our kids explore, learn and have fun..

Bumps, bruises,scrapes,and scratches are part of the deal..But the one thing we don't want is for small accidents to turn into major injuries..

Here are the few lists for safety..

1. Poisoning

2. Burns

3. Falls

4. Car safety

5. Drowning

6. Fire harm hazards

7. Battery safety

8. Toy Safety

9. Laundry safety

10. T.V safety.


As baby's try to walk, they walk from place to place, they have tendency to keep everything in their mouth..We should be careful , keep all medicines, any harmful products out of reach for the kids..


While cooking we should not take baby to the kitchen, accidently baby can touch hot food or hot substance they might harm themselves..If burns are major then should keep in cold water for some time..


As baby's move from one place to other, there is chance of falling, should be careful about Sharp edges, should take suitable precautions for sharp edges, should lock the gate for the first floor..


While travelling in the car should install car seat for kids, should install safely, and should not leave kids alone in the car, baby can die due to heat stroke, lack of oxygen due to closed doors and windows..


We should not leave alone in the water or tub for few  minutes also ,baby can be drown in the water..


We should be careful  with fire, keep away kids from flammable substance, stove, hand guns..


We should be careful so that kids might consume small Battery substance, should not give remote controls , electrical substance etc..


Some toys are not good for the kids, some are hard ,some  are soft ,we should be careful while choosing toys ,small pieces of toys are having chance of keeping in their mouth..


Sometimes we keep washing machine doors open, there is chance of going inside the machine accidentally , also should keep washing machine powder in a container..


We should be careful with the t.v, chance of toppling the t.v and may fall on the kids, better place the TV on the top so that it should be out of reach of kids..,and don't keep toys near TV, chance of climbing is more..

These are the safety tips, should take for the kids , hope it will useful for all ,let me know your thoughts in comments..

Thank you for reading..

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