Carving a bad future for coming generations
|   Dec 11, 2016
Carving a bad future for coming generations

Pleasant view of stars at night

How many of us remember seeing stars in the sky and enjoying the visual treat thro our naked eye. It was a wonderful feeling just the view would make us forget the world. The beauty of night was when the sky is  filled why stars and moon. The reason behind we losing such a view is none other than we ourselves.  We are the ones to pollute our environment in every ways and means. Our children will be able to enjoy the view only if we fix stars in the ceiling. It would be like just another added beauty to the interior work of the house but not the same feeling. Now it the view we are missing we are yet to see the days we will long for fresh air, pure water.

Family Bonding 

We were brought up in an environment where we had a bonding with our own people like families,friends. We were supported by family members emotionally especially in joint families. There were n. no of issues faced in the family inspite of those if anyone faces a problem from outside. The entire family would come together for solving the issue. Nowadays we avoid being in a joint family as it is complicated and personal freedom is lost. The personal bonding in relationships has gone down. We have started teaching them indirectly from an early age that family members are rivals or someone who shouldn't be believed. We forget our children grow seeing us.

Siblings/Cousins to fall upon

We had our own brothers, sisters,cousins to spend time with when we were young. We were all partners in not only in crime but in everyway. It doesn't matter if we have moved away or it is ages you have contacted them.They will be there open ears to us at any time needed. Now its just one kid at every other home. They are personally emotionally bonded to only the elders. This leads them to hide things and bonding misses its way after a particular way. They miss falling back at their siblings/cousins on due course of problems and take hard decisions


We have lost humanity in the race of proving ourselves. I have seen my mom giving space to elderly person in public. But I have witnessed many people trying to occupy extra place using their kids. People do not understand that they are teaching something wrong to their children. Its just not that there are many incidents happening around the clock where elders are not being treated properly leave it for elders even differently abled people are also treated the same.

We often forget that we are creating our own future.As the proverb goes as we sow so we reap. We should not be blaming the coming generations for their misdeed.Its we who are their role models. If we correct our doings now we need not regret in the later part of our life.

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