A reality over looked-Parents vs In laws
|   Dec 07, 2016
A reality over looked-Parents vs In laws

Divergence on being at Mom's place and in laws place.

  • Mom's place-Have never been awake before mom wakes for the daily routine. In laws place-Would try to wake and start off with the daily routine before others are up for the day.
  • Mom's place-Was treated like a princess. In laws place- You work so what?
  • Mom's place-Mom keeps something or the other ready to eat as we reach home hungry.In laws place-Have to prepare everything after reaching home.
  • Mom's place- Mom doesn't wait for us to do any chores she would do it without even complaining. In laws place- Even after doing all the chores we will be criticised.
  • Mom's place-Have never tried any special dishes to make my parents happy though even a simple routine dish made will be announced with pride to everyone around.Then,Cooking once for a day was like being overburdened. In laws place-Trying out every new dish possible even though it is rewarded with a package full of criticism.
  • Mom's place -When sick we are treated like a kid pouring us with all love and affection for our fast recovery. In laws place-Sick?? So what?? Take rest after all the work is done who bothers.
  • Mom's place-During weekends,just a lazy ass. In laws place-Overloaded with work than weekdays.
  • Mom's place-When someone calls over phone we spend hours on it. In laws place-When someone calls, it would be the shortest call ever had.

There can be more added to the list but here I am not intended to just compare. I am filled with guilt every now and then when I think of few circumstances. 

  • When treated like a princess have never thought of treating them the same way like a king and queen. But here leaving no stone unturned to treat them like a king,queen,prince.
  • Everytime a new dish is prepared now wish I had tried it at Mom's place. They would have been extremely happy but I had failed to do that. Now feeling guilty about it.
  • The way my in laws are given retirement from doing all the chores as and when tagged to the family as daughter in law. Feel guilty for not giving a day's off for my mom's never ending chores.
  • The way arguments go on with parents and utter silence with just nodding at in laws place.

There are way lot of incidents which make us realise the value of our parents. But many of these are the liberty which we take as it is our parents even without realising the pain they go through to keep us happy.

Though we try to accustom to the new house it would take years of our adulthood to feel the way we feel at home.

Literally we are trying to please in laws in all the best possible means without even knowing the reason for what we have to do so. But we do not even dream to treat our parents the best way possible.They are just taken for granted.

These happen around n every other house.Have no clue ow many would agree on these.

We should not only make our parents feel proud through our achievements but also keep them content through pouring love and affection wholeheartedly. 

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