Healthy Parenting, everyday is a new lesson!
|   May 30, 2017
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Healthy Parenting, everyday is a new lesson!

Krishiv is just 4 years old and as a mother I am very possessive about him, be it his activities or his diet. Krishiv goes to play in park every evening and as soon as he comes he rush shouting "Mama I am hungry" and the health conscious mom starts shouting beta have some fruits , drink some milk and his sweet answer with his innocent face "Mama snacks can't be boring".. This in turn made me explore more and more yummy snacking options for him with least compromise on his health..In search of some healthy snacks for him I went to the supermarket for the monthly grocery shopping where I saw Nestlé Greek Yogurt (NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo) and that too in different flavours.. Kids favourite fruit is normally strawberry so I grabbed his favourite fruit Strawberry flavour yogurt and billed it and gave it to him so that I can shop easily,. He was happy to see something interesting has come his way..he opened the cup and he started eating and after sometime he came to me and said Mama it's really yummy and see there are real strawberry pieces..I was really happy to see the smile on his face with something which is really healthy and is enriched source of protein and calcium..

We came back from shopping and I opened my mailbox and saw a mail from 'MyCity4Kids' regarding an event in association with Nestlé a+ meet and as soon as I read that it's regarding 'Making healthy Snacks' I marked the date and I was sure that I am going to attend the event..

All decked up and I reached the venue..It was a fun to see so many fellow health enthusiastic moms and I was also excited with the idea that through the event will get to explore NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo and energy drink 'Milo'.. Through the event I came to know about so many unique flavours of NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo which had the richness of fibre in the form of chunks of fresh fruits. I came to know about it's richness in calcium and protein which is so much essential for adults as well as kiddos.

As we all know snack time is very important for kids and adults but I simply wanted to avoid this time because I always thought that snacking means junk food which is a big 'NO' in my house..the event enabled me to understand the benefits of healthy snacking.. The NESTLÉ a+ Greek yogurt is rich with it's creamy texture and it's richness in protein and calcium can make my snack healthy as well as guilt free.. through the event we came to know about the necessity of proteins and calcium in our body and how the NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo is loaded with richness of protein and calcium..the event helped me to explore the ideas of healthy snacks and that snack can be both healthy and tasty and to remain fit and also to crave our taste buds it is the best combo..

The brand also introduced us to their drink 'MILO' which comes in an attractive tetra pak and that too in kiddos favourite Chocolate flavour.. My son who is always a big no when it comes to milk but when I read that it is loaded so many nutrients I wanted to introduce in his diet.. The icing on cake was when the Nestlé team told me that it's gluten free I was sure I will introduce in his diet..

Then came the healthy snacks session where we came to learn so many healthy snacks using NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo which were perfect combination of health and taste..there we so many things we learnt during the session to make out snacks healthy be it yummy pizza or ice cream or tasty dips that sky is the limit to explore with NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo.. it was an altogether amazing experience..

I came back home and thought to give my learning a shot and opened the write up of recipes share by masterchef ..Being a chef myself I decided to explore more healthy snacks and thought of making a healthy biscuit pizza for my son.. I took my son's favourite strawberry and mango yogurt and made a dip and layered the biscuit with the dip and loaded it with fruits topped it some olives and as soon as my son came I offered him the pizza.. My son simply loved it.. I thought I should explore some more and made healthy yogurt Popsicles loaded with fruits and transferred them in freezer to set and next day when he wanted to have ice cream at lunch time I immediately offered him the guilt free yogurt ice-cream and my son was very happy and he simply loved it and it made me remember the line 'Tummy bhi khush and Mummy bhi.. All thanks to NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo..

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