Wear and care for baby’s clothes
|   May 26, 2017
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Wear and care for baby’s clothes

Learning is a part of motherhood and doing what’s best for baby is part of it. Given that there is a baby in the house is already enough task at hand. However some tasks are way too important over the others. One of them being caring for your infants’ clothes. There are many ways to go about doing that. The aim is to ensure no irritation or cause for allergies or reaction to the baby as they have the most sensitive skin at that point in time. Even the smallest of rash goes a long way in making the child uneasy and rattled.

However every parent is different and so is their approach, however there are some basics which I have witnessed and also used in my journey of caring for baby’s clothes. There is no judging whether it’s the right or the wrong way of doing it. While some folks may want to wash clothes in a bunch and keep extra stock of clothes, there are others who may go ahead and wash the baby’s clothes regularly and not go into buying too many clothes keeping in mind they outgrow them real soon. So keeping it simple and realistic and practical is the call of the day. 

Washing & products: we need to be very careful with the kind of detergent or washing powders we may choose to use. As the Child's skin is sensitive; the use of mild detergent is important. Those that are baby friendly are low on chemicals and may act on the germs at its best. There are many parents who prefer washing their baby’s clothes manually, meaning by hands. Ensure clothes are washed in slightly warm water. Babies clothes is best to be washed separately and not with the adults lot to avoid any kind of infection passing over to the baby.

  • Fragrance/scented detergent: this is highly avoidable as the clothes used by infants may cause them to sneeze or pose an allergy.
  • Stains/Marks: there is no end to the amount of spills or stains that one has to encounter given with kids around. The kids’ laundry surpasses the adults very easily. However with infants we may want to rinse and rub them gently with our hands first than directly put them away for washing directly. Hand wash is recommended as using any stain remover or detergent over and over again will cause harm.
  • Drying: it is advisable to dry the infant's’ clothes in the sun and also see to it that it is completely dry and not damp or moist in any of its corner which could also cause itching and lead to rashes.
  • Separate storage:  it is wise to keep the laundry for babies separate which need washing. Similarly the baby’s washed clothes need to be arranged and kept in a separate storage or cupboard to avoid contact with adult clothes, which may still have chances of carrying any bacteria, germs or strong fragrances.

Ultimately, parents follow many styles of doing their child’s laundry which suits their routine and understanding, however taking utmost care becomes vital to prevent any discomfort. You may seek different versions from grandparents, relatives, friends, experienced parents or even doctors and experts. It will soon seem a regular thing once you have worked around your right way for doing the task. As long as the baby is kept clean and healthy, it works best for baby and you.

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