Life of “she” and “He”
|   Nov 08, 2016
Life of “she” and “He”

6.00am- Alarm rings. She gets up.

6.15am - She quickly prepares breakfast and tiffin for kids.

6:30am- She wakes up the kids (Mind you not an easy task). Follows the cycle of brushing, bathing, feeding and rushing to the bus stop.

7:15am- She hugs and puts the kids in the bus.

In between..

7:00am- Alarm rings. He puts it on snooze and sleeps..

7:20am- She Comes back home wakes up “HE”, prepares his breakfast.

7:45am- Breakfast is laid on the table. He comes and gulps it down quickly while checking his messages and mails.

8:00am- He is off to office. She packs her tiffin, gives instruction to the maid, sort’s kids’ clothes, and gets ready herself.

8:30am- She hits the road.

9:30am- She is sitting calmly on her workstation sorting the meetings and presentations for the day.

1.00pm- She calls home, checks on the kids’ arrival...

Between 2.00 pm till 6.00pm- She is doing paperwork, meeting clients, attending meetings and also phone calls from home-"mamma, I can’t find my blue crayon" , " mamma where is my Ben 10 ball ? "

6.00pm- She is driving, fighting away the traffic....

7.00pm- She reaches home. Hugs and kisses. Loads of sharing about the school, friends...

7.30pm- She prepares dinner with some help from the maid.

8.00pm- She feeds the kids

8.30pm- She puts them to sleep after reading a story

9.00pm- She puts the dirty laundry away in the washing machine, arranges the uniforms for next day, checks on the groceries..

9.45pm- She watches some TV while waiting...

10.00pm- He arrives, slumps on the couch, opens his shoes n socks, and leaves them there...

10.30pm- He n She have dinner together with He being more occupied on the phone.

11.00pm- He is fast asleep.

11.00pm- She puts away the plates and left over food.

11.15 pm- She tidies up the kitchen

11.30pm- She lies down on the bed thinking what to make for tomorrow’s breakfast.

11.45pm- She gets up to put the milk in Fridge.

12.00am- She puts the little one back to sleep after letting her use the washroom.

12.30 am- She is sleeping…

And life goes on…

Disclaimer: This article is not to blame either him or her. I mean life is different for both as Men stand up to pee but we women can’t    :D   ( I mean we can but   you know what will happen then, Right?) So let’s just lead our lives without complaining and blaming!

Having said that, Life is more than the differences between men and Women physically! Life is about being together, living together. If women can help to achieve a financial balance in the family, why cannot men help in the household duties?


Let’s embrace the “togetherness “and discard the differences……

Cheers !





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