Explaining breast feeding to a toddler.
|   May 25, 2016
Explaining breast feeding to a toddler.

This was a conversation that took place between my 7 year old daughter and my toddler son. 

Son: I love little babies. They are so tiny and cute.

Daughter: yeah. I love them too. 

Son: But they don't have teeth. How do they eat?

Daughter: They don't eat. They drink milk.

Son: From the bottle?

Daughter: No. From their mumma.

Son: How?

Daughter: I can't tell you that.

Son: I know from their mom's udder!

'So according to my son, all moms are cows', I thought, amused!

Since my son is not someone who doesn't let go of anything easily unless he gets a convincing answer, the question eventually was flung at me. 

I sat him down and explained that God gave all moms, breasts , that don't just feed infants but also provide comfort when the babies are agitated. It's on the breast that a mother rests a tired sleepy baby, rocking him gently to sleep, I said.

I explained how he used to crawl all over me until he reached his favourite place on my chest and promptly fell asleep.

He smiled and said, can I go back into your tummy?

I said he can't but he can sleep in my arms until he gets too heavy for me to carry him.

With wonderment that can be seen only in a child's eyes, he said, " really? Even if your hand hurts? I love you mumma, you are the best and I'll love you always! But when I grow older, you won't be able to carry me no? What will you do then"? He demanded to know.

" Then, I'll hold you forever, in my heart!" I said, to which he gave me a bear hug, a shy smile and ran away to boss over his sister, yet again.

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