Morning saga - the story of every household
|   Dec 09, 2016
Morning saga - the story of every household

     Getting a kid ready for school in the morning is quite a task. Getting two kids ready can be a herculean task. The same is the case with my twin boys. Especially after witnessing so many bandhs in Bangalore this year, one thing my kids really want to make sure in the morning is whether the school is open or shut. After a little bit of convincing that things are normal in every nook and corner of the city, they are up. This is how a typical morning at my house looks like.

     Breakfast is waiting for them at the table but my kids are no where to be seen. Then I find them in their room clicking pictures with their paper camera. Today its a camera, yesterday it was a ninja blade and another day it was four cups (colour colour, which colour do you choose ?). I really don't know what's with this early morning origami. Badly need to find out if some Baba Shyamdev has told them that early morning origami has the same benefits as yoga. Anyway that's not for now. I drag them to their breakfast. After their usual 'under the table' discussions, breakfast is done.

     Taking a bath is an Olympic event with lots of cheering and banging on the door from outside. Finally another task done. Both of them have gone inside their room to change into their uniform. Then suddenly I hear a chorus "Ruko nahi, date raho. Badhe chalo, badhe chalo". I go inside to see what's happening. They have helped an ant(a big red ant) onto the wall and are sending it upto the ceiling. I asked them what's going on. Their reply "Amma, we are cheering him to go to a safe place where he won't be crushed". The spiders and the beetles are not jealous because they know their turn will come sooner or later. I wonder why this "Ruko nahi, kaam karte raho" doesn't apply to my own kids ever. Anyway they are done with the basic dressing. The accessories like the belt, house colour badge and the ID card take another half hour.

       After that, its newspaper time. Post that, the topics for debate are infinite. Early in the morning, the nation wants to know as to why the SC has made it mandatory to play the National Anthem in movie theatres (whether the same applies before we watch a movie at home) or if we are going to get richer after demonetization (they actually think an old Rs 500 note can be exchanged for Rs 2000) or whether Trump can be impeached. The debate session will go on ceaselessly until I put an end to it asking them to resume once they return from school. (As promised they do continue the argument once they are back from school. Also because they have been enlightened by inputs from their friends by then.)

      After all this drama, on some days, there is hardly any time left to check if they are wearing two left shoes or one black and one white. Off they rush to school !!!!

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