Excuse the mess, We are making memories..
|   Dec 24, 2015
Excuse the mess, We are making memories..

One fine winter afternoon, I found myself upset for having a house full of mess, until we uncovered something beautiful and timeless..

So winter’s here and it’s time of the year to revamp the wardrobes yet again. This week, I finally went through the cardigans and woollens from last year, trying them out on the kid to see if they still fit her or not. As time consuming as the process may be, there is the joy of being able to measure how much the little one has grown during the year. And of course, kiddo loves to chime in, picking out her favorites from last year and getting excited at finding other knick-knacks that come out with the stowed away stuff.

There came out a small stuffed froggy, a little magic wand, a lone sock and a giraffe hat.. Sometimes new toys don’t bring as much joy as finding out old ones!

And with old toys, we went down old memories lane..

“Aazooka.. Bazookaaa….!!!” She pretended flicking the magic wand while donning the giraffe hat.

“Mumma, let’s make a puppet out of this sock!”. The fairy just had a eureka moment.. or may be it was the effect of the magic wand.

I looked around the room that was already a mess and said, “No way, not now. We have to wrap this up first”..

“But mumma, it will be so much fun! It won’t take too long.. let’s do it please.” she continued to insist and I had to finally give in.

We made a quick DIY hand puppet from the sock. It was a project she had learnt at a school workshop. We put little eyes and made puppet hair with yellow wool.

I looked at the time and the room.. My goodness, the room was a horrible mess with the clothes all around, kiddo’s toys piled here, the artwork piled up there. There is a map posted on one wall, charts posted on another and books all around the house. Oh my God, the house was such a mess.

For a moment, I wondered if I am being too lenient. Letting the little one hijack each and every corner of the house.. And then I looked at the old album again. Of course not!

Yes, our house is a mess. But looking at the old pictures, I realized that time is flying each moment. And each day when we make a new mess, we create new memories. My child learns something new from each of those messy days. She made a mess the day she hand painted her first greeting card for her grand parents! She made a mess the day she learnt how to hold the crayon - by scribbling all over our bedroom walls!

I think about all this and suddenly realize that the mess only adds to the beauty of our little memories and experiences. We can always paint the walls, but these little memories will remain etched in my heart forever.

Finally, as we finished sorting the clothes, kiddo said she wanted to give away her outgrown clothes to other kids who do not have enough. I was quite exhausted by the time, but this little gesture from her made me feel that it was all worth it. She is learning to care for others and share without hesitation. In a world where even grown ups are constantly hoarding more and more, this child wanted to share. What else can make a mother more happier!

We continue to have more messy days at home and we continue to create our little memories. I am her companion and her partner-in-crime. I am letting my child experience an unfettered childhood. Are you?



photo courtesy: www.pinterest.com


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