Product Review: Learn About the World Box by
|   Jul 30, 2015
Product Review: Learn About the World Box by

I came across the World Box by Cocomoco Kids at a school exhibition and the product instantly caught my attention. Being an avid quizzer myself, I am always on the lookout to find unique and interesting products that can help me teach my daughter about the world without making it a chore for her. And the World Box seemed to be designed just for that!

Ok, so what's this World Box about?

As the name suggests, its an activity box designed on the theme 'Learn about the World'. It contains:

  • An interactive World Map kit - A 2 ft x 3ft colourful, non-tear and child friendly world map plus a lot of stickers
  • A play passport kit - play passport with stickers on countries, capitals, flags and monuments
  • A travel scrapbook 
  • Country cards

The main reason I bought this activity box was because of the colourful child friendly world map. Its intelligently designed to capture a child’s attention. There are colourful animals, monuments and pictures drawn on the map, which makes it easy for the child to remember the different places. So I would tell her that penguins lived in Antarctica and then she would herself spot the penguins on the map.  It’s extremely interactive as compared to the boring regular world maps we usually get at the stationery store.

This is not it. The map also came with a lot of stickers which the child can stick on the map as she finds and spots new places on the map. The map is also non tear and washable - an important feature since my kiddo loves to scribble on it with crayons. We have pasted it in our daughter’s room and learning about new places has become a great activity for us to spend quality time with her.

There is also a play passport kit included in the World Box. It’s like a fun play passport for kids to play around. It comes with a lot of stickers related to countries, capital, flags and monuments of various countries. And since, my daughter loves stickers, we were finished with sticking the stickers for all countries on the first week itself. Now, she carries around the passport while she travels with her imaginary friends and teddy bears around the world. Needless to say, she can now easily identify the flags of all the ten countries on the play passport. I really give thumbs up to the product because of that.

The kit also includes a travel scrapbook which we have not used so far as my daughter hasn’t really started writing on her own. However, I think we should be able to use it once she starts writing and will serve as a great tool to encourage her to write on her own.

The product is designed for children in the age group 5-10. 


1.Very innovative and child friendly

2. Washable and durable. Good quality and meant for long term use.

3. I loved the product design. Can be gifted on birthdays.

4. Value for money. Can be bought as a single activity box. However, cocomocokids also has a subscription plan and can be bought on discount if purchased with the 3 month subscription of country boxes.

5. Great for development of spatial skills and academic learning.


Can't really think of anything. Except, may be the sticker size could be slightly bigger for my child to handle it easily.

Overall, I recommend this product for anyone who can look beyond the barbies and toy cars and are actually interested in spending some quality time with their child. I personally found it to be a great educational tool to get my child interested in general knowledge. What else can a quizzer parent ask for!

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