Oh!! its a girl again!!!
|   Apr 26, 2016
Oh!! its a girl again!!!

Being my first blog post, i was confused when and where to start. As my journey started from my birth, i thought of starting my blog also from that day. I am the second girl child of my family. My mother got married at a very young age, she delivered my sister at the age of 15 and me at 16. She was so young that when she was pregnant with me, all my paternal relatives imbibed the feel that bearing a boy was considered a virtue  and a 2nd girl child is a curse on the family etc.. So on hearing the news of the arrival of the 2nd angel my mom was desperate, she was dead scared to meet my dad and his side of kins. 

As is the formality, my mom was at  her mothers place for 3 months. After that she returned back to her extended family, though as a mother she loved her big eyed lil one, she was afraid to exhibit her love for the fear of admonition from her in laws. As in those days, my dads family was a joint family, being the eldest daughter-in- law my mom had lots of house hold works, so the poor me rarely got any attention, all day i used to wail due to hunger.

 When the baby was 4 months it had severe stomach infection and was having watery stools, one of the cousins bought a bottle of dettol and gave it to my mother  and advised her to use it to wash the baby with it to. Instead of adding a drop to the water, my poor mom rubbed the dettol all over the body and washed it off after a few minutes. Soon rashes developed all over the baby skin and the baby was screaming in pain. My grand mom who visited us was shocked to see my pathetic situation. She convinced my dad that she is taking away the little one since my mom being very young and immature will not be able to take care of the new born and a toddler (my sister). As i was formula fed from day 1, separating from mom did not have much hurdles. Though my mom was guilty and sad to part with me, she was happy thinking that i would be safe and well looked after.

So the little  angel traveled to her grand-moms village cuddled in her safe embrace. She had two uncles and two aunts, they never allowed her to cry, she was surrounded by smiles n hugs. She was the apple of their eye, her uncles would put the world down her feet for her innocent smile. She was the smartest kid, naughty but very polite, good natured, she never threw any tantrums, she spread love everywhere she went.  She lived like a little angel in dreamland. That was the best part of my life, surrounded by pure love, fresh air, farmlands, even now my dreams are always hovering around that village. If only god gave my power to get freezed at a particular point in my life i would have freezed in that little angel form...

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