|   Jan 16, 2017
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Today hubby came home after a hard day’s work in a very bad mood. I wondered what happened. He did not say much. It was all showing on his face. Someone gonna get hurt real bad! Of course, not us. I just remembered Russel Peters when I looked at him. He patiently finished with entertaining the greetings from the children and the dogs and went into the bedroom. He flung his briefcase on the bed, loosened his tie, did a little neck exercise and flopped on the bed. I waited. I would leave him alone if I knew he was alright.

He saw me and the question mark on my forehead and smiled. That was the green signal I needed to move closer, hold him and ask him what was wrong. While relating to me about the horrid boss he had, I listened and wondered how someone could allow themselves to believe that my husband was cheating them when this workaholic in my arms always goes beyond his capacity just to get things into perfection for his so-called friends or colleagues. Depressing but true, I have seen my hubby go, annoyingly, out of his way to help others while he gets only rotten lemons thrown at him by the ‘others’. I use the word ‘annoyingly’ because it is way beyond any level I would or want him to go for someone.

Anyway, after he felt better, we went for a walk with the kids. This habit is a must every evening as it de-stresses us. The cool breeze and the happy kids bring a smile on our faces too. This was something we both agreed on; family time every day. Once are children are tired and can play no more, we take them home to have a snack. As my husband is on a diet in order to lose weight, our general snack is Quaker Oats. While my kids and I enjoy the original Oats mixed in milk, hubby likes the varieties mixed in water. Today was the Lemony Veggie Mix’s turn to be swallowed by my better half.

It smelled good and reminded me of soup. Once it cooled a little, I served it to my husband while he played with the kids. All of us sat to devour this delightful evening snack. Hubby enjoyed the lemony taste but found it to be a bit bland to his liking. This evaluation came after an empty bowl with an added request to make another one. Wow! Am I thinking too much or is he enjoying the lemon in his oats?

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