|   Apr 14, 2017

I told a friend about my day and the things I do in my different avatars, so, he suggested that I add this to my blog not because I needed sympathy of any kind but because he found it to be an inspiration to many parents including him. I was flying high without drinking RedBull, not like the pigeon taking shelter under my water filter. Very less movement in our balcony gives the grey birds the right to poop or cool their poor little bodies from the rising temperatures outside. The pipes, of our split air condition, act as their home and every morning I decide to ask my help to clean up after them. She says, “Aiyoo! Yeh kuthe ke baal khaafi nahi tha?” (my dog fur wasn’t enough)!

Every morning as I wake up, I hook the curtains to the sides in order to let the sunlight in. I hand over my dog to the dog-walker and wake up my daughter for school. After I drop her off, I prepare breakfast for whoever is awake and watch some drama while satisfying my own hunger. I finish the leftover chores for the day, which are different every day, and then twice a week head to dance class. After lunch, I paint or draw something, generally for someone else. My four year old has been inculcated with the habit of painting and gifting and it is pretty cute to see her do that.

So, after our evening walk (which we skip sometimes), we play a game of Scrabble or the famous Snakes and Ladders while my four month old, masquerades the snakes, and tries to eat up our pawns. Sometimes we dance a little and by ‘we’ I mean my kids and I. I find this exercise good for our health and happiness in our home. Once dinner is done and the children are off to bed, I perch myself on the soft and cosy mattress to write (now type) while feeding my baby every three hours.

Today, I decided to read instead and a few pages into the book and I realized I took out a novel to read after around ten years. Wow! Was I busy!? Anyway, I read a book called Daughters of Arabia (I still have my dusty old books waiting to be touched by my delicate fingers). It was about the plight of a princess of the Middle East. So, the book shows that common women cannot, by any chance, escape. The book was so heart-wrenching that I decided to read some ‘Archies’ comic books before I get on to the next one ‘Mayada’.

The point of this write up was to inspire men and women to let loose and do things they love doing too. Let them know that they should take one day at a time. Involve the kids in different chores each day while making it exciting for them. Skip the bath for a day, skip the continuous washing of utensils, skip the routine and do fun things with your children because in the end that is what they will remember, not the clean house or the sparkling dishes or the Surf Excel fragrance. They will only recall the positive times you’ve listened to them, spent time with them and spoke to them eye to eye. This is what I believe in so I try my best to make life interesting and happy for my little ones. What about you?

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