Rigged Competitions - What are we conveying to the future generations?
|   Mar 02, 2016
Rigged Competitions - What are we conveying to the future generations?
Yes, you all have heard about the match fixing that happens worldwide and how the media shows that people despise the ones that are involved in it, be it the politicians or the players. For those who are unaware, match-fixing is the practice of dishonestly determining the outcome of a match before it is played. As much as the admirers love the player, he is put down to shame if he gets involved in such public scams. In good faith or to show the world, they are also banned from playing the sport or performing at national and international levels. But is this rule applied only for the famous players or performers?
How many of us influence judges in our personal life so that our team wins a competition that could involve children? I have personally been a part of several events where the winners are either already decided upon before the show or the judges are swayed to announce winners based on what they receive in return. Trust me; it is discouraging to perform once again for such rigged competitions. And if I feel that way, what are the hard working children of today absorbing?
Children practice with all their strength to dance for a competition just to do a good job and .... www.blogaberry.com

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