|   Jan 24, 2017
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In today’s world, it is a competition everywhere. Let alone politicians, even parents today compete. I have a friend who is so obsessed with her son getting the FIRST rank that she stresses herself, as well as her son, out during exam time. There are times when she finds it so hard to cope, with every little thing that she wants perfect, that she exits virtual and physical groups just so that she can achieve her target. She would even exit our best friends’ WhatsApp group to concentrate on her son’s lessons so that he achieves the first rank. Now, he was second. That wasn’t good enough. She wanted him to be first. I ask – Do you want him to enjoy life or become something he’s not interested in? I believe that we have one life and our kids are not all that bad nowadays. In fact, they are way smarter than we were at their age. My four-year-old son says words like ‘disappeared’ and ‘instructions’ and it makes him sound so cute. My parents never forced the ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’ career on me. I could be what I wanted to be. I just didn’t know what, until now. So, Tina and I had a debate one day on whose children were more aware of their surroundings. I bet her that both are kids were equally smart as they looked at us in the eye while they spoke. Many kids are unable to do that. I wasn’t sure why. Just to prove to Tina, we both took this survey which would tell us whether our kids have reached the milestones they are supposed to achieve at their age. We were more than just curious.

Though I knew our kids were alright where they were, as well as how they were, we were surprised to know that our kids had 100% communication, motor, socialization and living skills. You can imagine the joy on a mother’s face when she gets results like these.

In the study, 9 out of 10 toddlers reach these cognitive milestones by the specified age. However, there may be cases of a variation in age when they do so. Failure to meet these milestones should not be considered as a delay in developmental milestones. However, if you are concerned about the onset of developmental delay in your child, please speak to your pediatrician.

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