|   Nov 02, 2016
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You haven’t heard of it? I’m sure not because I hadn’t either. A one-day training event was in the cards this year and my husband and I happily attended it along with the kids. Actually, my husband would attend it while I attended to the kids and their events. In the hamper which was given to all the people entering the hall, there were two pink packets which caught the eye of my little girl. Pink is her favourite colour. She loves pink so much that she once asked my mother for a pink giraffe and a pink lion soft toy. So she picked one up and asked me what it was. I told her it was strawberry porridge with apple. She wanted to have it then and there. I explained to her that we could have it once we got back home because the hotel we were waiting in did not have milk. She agreed. Yes, I could’ve come up with a better reason but anyway.

She enjoyed the activities organized for the kids. She had a wonderful time in the swimming pool which flashed different coloured lights. Though she didn’t know how to swim, she happily splashed water all over the edges. She played with the other children under the fountain and once she was done, she ran to me and asked me if it was time to go home yet because she wanted to have the pink porridge. I laughed and hugged her while assuring her we would be home soon. While I attended to my four months old baby, I asked her to sit by my side and colour the flower I had drawn for her.

Soon, it was time to get on the road and she was all motivated to jump into the car. My husband wondered what the excitement was all about. He gave me a questioning look as if asking what I had bribed her with. I smiled telling him that it wasn’t me. His curiosity disappeared when she, her eyes glittering, innocently told him that she would not tell him about the pink porridge that was in the bag. We laughed at the cuteness and asked her how her day was. It was a long drive and after telling us all about her day, she eventually fell asleep. I wondered if the new porridge was actually worth her excitement. What if it was tasteless?

Next morning, I prepared for her the most-awaited pink porridge. I added a handful of freshly chopped apple pieces after I cooked the porridge. Once it cooled, I tasted it. I found it to be delicious. I hoped my daughter would like it just as much. I waited for her to sit at the table and I placed the bowl in front of her. Suddenly, she was wide awake. She had a spoonful and went ‘yummmmmmmmmm’. The porridge was tasty by itself and the fresh apples gave it a crunchy twist. She licked the bowl clean in no time.

After I bid her goodbye, I cunningly sat with a full bowl of pink porridge myself. Hey, just because it’s pink, it does not mean it was only for children, right?

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