The most haunting question – ‘What should I cook today?’
|   Sep 05, 2016
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The most haunting question – ‘What should I cook today?’

Stress is something very few can escape. Every day and every night, most of us are going through some anxiety or trauma. The mind is mysterious and wanders off in the middle of the night. What are all of us thinking about? What are we so tense about? It is guaranteed that most of us are worried about work. Work can be stressful to the extent that it affects your wellbeing. Unhealthy snacking and irregular meal time adds to the overall health condition. Housewives, too, undergo stress throughout the day. Many of us go through apprehension at every hour.

One such repetitive worry of any wife is ‘what should I cook?’ Besides the concerns of bathing the children, getting them ready for school, serving the family food, feeding the dog, walking the dog, doing the laundry, drying the washed clothes, changing the baby, feeding the baby, taking out the trash and supervising the help you have, you have to decide what to cook and cook despite your own hunger pangs. If you are a health freak, it’s even harder to decide what food is good for the health of your family; especially the young ones.

Honestly, I’m not a morning person. Chopping onions or mixing batters are not things I enjoy doing when I barely have my eyes open. I can barely fry an egg. Some women have the strength to prepare a different breakfast for each member of the family. One may want idli, another may want dosa, and one may want a poached egg while another may want cereal and milk. I admire the women who cater to these needs early in the morning. A friend also has the stamina to make chappatis with a dry vegetable dish for breakfast. I, on the other hand, looked for easier ways to prepare and serve a healthy food, to the family, in the morning.

As I was, personally, already on the health regime, I would prepare and have my breakfast after everyone left for school or work. Actually, my dog and I enjoy a quiet time in our own private spaces. He relishes his doggy diet while I enjoy a poached egg or fresh fruits. On the way to the market one day, I had a brainwave. Far away in a distance, I saw the man that answered the stressful question of my life. What food can I give my family for breakfast, that is easy to make and healthy to eat! Frying was easy but not healthy or sure.

The man on the Quaker Oats packet told me that oats was a good nutrition for the body of the young as well as old. I smiled and walked straight into the shop and bought a packet or two. Keeping my fussy husband in mind, I also bought a few packets of masala oats which did not require me to add milk. That night, I was stress-free because I knew what I had to do for breakfast. I felt like there was a great burden off my shoulders. Oats it was!

From the next day onwards, breakfast was Quaker Oats in different forms; masala, original, with fruits, with nuts or with ragi. I was afraid some would not appreciate it but to my surprise it was. My children enjoy the original Quaker Oats mixed in milk with half a teaspoon of ragi while my husband enjoys the various flavours of masala oats each day. I, of course, enjoy my oats with cashew nuts and prunes and I still enjoy it while my dog and I each revel in our ‘ME’ time.

A bowl of Oats a day definitely keeps the doctor away for most of us in the family. I found that adding fruits to your oatmeal is an added advantage for the overall health. Your heart and body will thank you for it and you will feel the pride while you lose those extra inches.

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