With a bowl of OATMEAL!
|   Dec 28, 2016
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With a bowl of OATMEAL!

In the early hours of the morning, watching the dew drops on the pretty green leaves surrounding my garden, I make myself a delicious bowl of Quaker Oatmeal and sit inhaling the freshness of the day. I wonder what the day brings me. With the birds chirping and the ice cream man tinkling, I wonder why he expected the children to devour on this irresistible dessert in the middle of sunrise. The picture on the truck was tempting enough to make an adult like me, too, want some of that yummy pink cream in my mouth. Ah! The cold cream with fruits, I could die for! All of a sudden, the aroma of my oatmeal touched my nose as if reminding me I was mentally betraying it. I had to chop a few fruits to add to it.Watching the streets with zooming cars, I wonder why there is a speedometer with 200 kmph when that could be horrendously fatal to common man. Yes, now if a Martian was driving an Audi, she could possibly fly at the topmost speed but, alas, we humans are mortal beings. A few of us who try going at the maximum speed would probably get out alive only if no one else was hit or we were exceptionally careful. Either way, it's illegal to fly on the road. There was a time when I flew off from a buggy car along with the car, just to avoid hitting my friend from behind. Since then I haven't driven over 100kmph. But that's my story not the person who was zooming past me a whole ago.

Just then my neighbors pass by, holding each other as if they were so in love after five years of marriage. I use the word 'as if' because I can hear the verbal abuses each and every night for the past five years. I know that a relationship is not real until there are ups AND downs but 365 downs per year is too much for me to handle. I wonder what makes them so angry at each other every night and how they get so cosy every morning. It's not important but i still wonder. I wonder about the little children running around them every day and how they manage to hide their frustration or are they subjecting their little ones to abuse or some sort.

On a beautiful day, I brushed those upsetting thoughts aside and looked at the flowering trees on the street beside my front yard gate. Purple is my favourite colour and I almost had a purple wedding too if not for my husband thinking it was too girly. I needed my lavenders to be shaped and trimmed every summer. I wondered whose tree I was taking care of so well and how long before they took it down. I wondered if I could adopt it as my own instead. It complimented my garden so well.

Suddenly, I realised I'm still having my bowl of Quaker Oatmeal and wondered how such a tiny grain could be so powerful. A spoonful down your throat and you're blessed with lower cholesterol levels, oat antioxidants that help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, enhances immune system, stabilizes blood sugar and fiber from oats that help protect you against breast cancer. It's nutrition value is amazingly filled with proteins, fiber, fats. A tiny grain and so much value.

After I finished the porridge and licked every inch of the bowl to a sparkling clean, I checked my weight only to be happy and surprised that I had lost a few pounds by faithfully swallowing the delicious meal every morning. How about you?

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