#It takes two to raise healthy and happy kids 
|   Nov 27, 2016
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#It takes two to raise healthy and happy kids 

We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. But these days with nuclear families, it does take two -- both mom and dad -- to raise a kid.

I remember when I returned to work after the birth of my elder daughter Myrah, though we had a live-in house help, my husband and I decided that we would take turns to be with Myrah and not let her be alone with the house help for too long. It helped that my husband has his own business with flexi hours and can even work from home. 

While I would be with her during the day as my office was in the evening, he would be in charge while I was gone. This helped Myrah bond with both of us. As long as I was home, she would stick to me and the moment I was gone, she had the undivided attention of her papa. And she had the best sleep on her papa's shoulder with papa conjuring up stories out of thin air!

 Bath time with papa was fun too! Even now, whenever she needs a shampoo (Myrah will soon be 6), only papa has to do it. While I used to be busy at office, father and daughter would often check into one of the many nearby malls and have a whale of a time at the gamezone and later dig into their favorite pizza or chicken and chips! Sometimes, they would go grocery shopping, with Myrah filling the cart with her favourite things!

As she grew and the house help changed, we decided to instal CCTV cameras in the house which we could monitor from our smartphones. As Myrah was a little older by then, we could leave her in the house help's care for some time, during which both my husband and I would check the CCTV footage every now and then.

After my younger one, Mia, was born, I quit my full-time job and have recently started working for a website from home. Now that I am around, the kids are primarily in my care as we don't have a live-in house help any longer and I prefer it that way. Though juggling both home and work is tough, it's rewarding to be able to be with the kids and not miss out on their milestones. Helping Myrah with her homework or doing fun things like finger painting and playing dress-up games is an added joy. Even Mia, who is 10 months old now, prefers to sleep on papa's shoulders listening to some lullaby he sings for her.

So what is it that Myrah and Mia's papa does not like to do? Handle poop and pee! Though he will happily don the apron and cook a fine meal or even clean the house and utensils whenever required, this is one job he would rather avoid.

Averse to changing soiled cloth nappies, my husband is the happiest when I hand him Mia wearing her favourite Pampers Pant-style diapers. While she used to initially wear the regular Pampers Active Baby diapers, I had to change over to the Pant-style diapers as Mia would fiddle with the velcro strips on the diaper and remove them in no time. And Mia's papa too can't complain much about changing diapers as these super comfy Pampers Pants are not just easy to make a kid wear, they can be easily peeled off without any mess. So just as it takes two to tango, it takes two to raise a healthy and happy child. 

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