A Rental Mother!
|   Sep 24, 2016
A Rental Mother!

Mother..the term and its stature...what can I possibly say about it what has not been said before. Said about its greatness,its sublimity, its chastity,its selflessness and its commercialism. What! Come again ‘commercialism’! Yes...you got it right - commercialism is the term and the aspect I choose to enlarge upon here about the much celebrated motherhood otherwise.It should not surprise you least shock you, every beautiful thing has a flip dense side. Let’s toss it around for a while...Considering a fact that I am myself a mother to a lovely three old who is my reason to light up to life each moment of each day, I too find it disturbing to peep over the other edge of the cliff to observe that there are many younglings just as beautiful and as lovely as mine who are made to sulk, who are not the prized possessions but literally the priced ones, who are not gifted by heaven to ascertain that god has still not lost hope in mankind but are merely the symbols of mankind’s scientific advancements who are deliberately crafted as the reason to light up the dark corners,the little souls who may not glitter themselves but are made to dissipate their shining rays even before they arrive...yes I am talking about commercial surrogacy, you would be startled to know that it is one of the most promising and lucrative business flourishing in India with an estimated worth of $2 billion which is a cropped down figure after the imposed ban of 2015 on foreign commissioned surrogacy that comprised 80% of the birth rate earlier. The wake up call was through a case that got registered in the state of Gujrat in the year 2008, when a Japanese doctor couple hired a poor surrogate mother who gave birth to a healthy baby girl,but by the time she arrived the commissioning couple called off their marriage leaving the baby both parentless and stateless. For the ‘so called’ mother her commercial venture was done and she conveniently got rid of her job shunning the newborn to thrive on its own,battling between the legal systems of two countries. The child is now eight year old living with her grandmother in Japan but has not  and may never obtain Japan’s citizenship, as surrogacy is not legal there. Another glaring instance was of a similar case where a foreigner couple got twins through the procedure but since they wanted just a single child,they chose to take one and dump another and no law abided them or the birth giving mother! Other close reports that I read made me to forcefully think that such practices are not just inhumane but in many situations it is worst than human trafficking in fact it  very much in disguise entails that too. These children and women involved are often exploited terribly and are forced to survive on little hopes. These and many such jittering cases highlighted the plight of the children and even women who employes into the industry of surrogacy leading to numerous PILs filed in Supreme Court to curb its commercialism allowing ‘ethical altruistic surrogacy’ strictly for Indian citizens as the option enforced through suitable laws. The surrogacy regulation bill of 2016 is a resulting invoice that states to legally ban the inflow of funds into the domain allowing only the  close relative of the childless couple to bear the child for them under mentioned circumstances.Although I know it is not the full proof measure and has its own shortcomings and loopholes that can easily lead to its manipulation like most legislations in our country but as  Dr. Soumya Swaminathan is Director General (Indian Council of Medical Research) said yesterday in an interview I saw - something is better than nothing! Now at least hopefully it will not be as misused. Now as single parents,unmarried individuals, live-in partners,homosexuals cannot opt for surrogacy it will presumably somewhat lower down the exploitation though of course it has many aspects that need to be taken into observation for its effectiveness. It has its share of controversy and criticisms. But at least concept of ‘rental mother’ would banish even if marginally and children will remain children not the commodity anymore!

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