Born with 'Surkhab ke Par'
|   Jun 16, 2016
Born with 'Surkhab ke Par'

Life has never come easy to me, whatever little I know of it, I know it offers no free lunches. But not to all I guess, well to some it does not just give free lunches but exotic caviar ones really! I just happened to listen to one of the finest speeches I have heard in a long time, given by an uncommon orator Angelina beautifully she said and how gracefully she accepted that she does nt understand why few people are lucky enough to be born with the chance in life that she had and why few people just like hers have no voice. This is something everyone, each of us has felt at one point or another,after coming across a wealthy or spoiled or blessed curled darling of the rich and famous and stomp our foot annoyingly down blabbering Bloody hell!This is so unfair. Cmon be honest. Let's not go far west but staying here in India itself, haven't you ever envied Abhishek Bachchan, Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia,Anant Ambani, and the likes! And not commented - inme kaun se Surkhab ke par lage Hain! Or Few people just play lucky or what have they done to be here, except to be born at the right place at the right time or no earned credentials at all. Of course you have, may be directing towards some other names than these,but you have.I have. And thats acceptable enough. But have you ever wondered, what have we done frankly to deserve the life we have! To be born to parents who gave us their name, and all that was in their hands and even that was beyond their grip at times, to study in the school we did and the subjects we chose, to eat the food we loved and holidaying through summer breaks, wearing fancy clothes and having expensive toys, celebrating our birthdays and accepting presents, attending college and going for excursions, striking deals with our parents that if we attain good grades we can have our favourite tab or a bike or SLR or diamond, as if by passing our exam, we are doing our seven generations a favour they all must feel indebted for! The answer is here too briefly curt - Nothing! I often feel the sharpness of the bitter truth, that actually none of us did anything to be born with the life we get, be it a life of a son of a Prime Minister or a son of a peon at his office. I see my daughter and feel why can't she have a BMW as a gift on her birthday like Aradhya Bachchan got but I also feel why can't my maids daughter of the same age have a kind of a remote functioned car that my daughter has! Why can't she has the kind of clothes or hairbands or shoes or books that my daughter has. Why is that she doesn't have the liberty to fuss over her choice of food or toys that my daughter has! These are not imperatives. These are as big luxuries to that little girl as BMW is for mine. You live life in your own bracket and often take it for granted,forgetting that most of the things or even the quality of life you flaunt, live,crib or complaint about is not your own to boast of. Your ordinary useless life is an unattainable dream to many like many other peoples life is for you. What we may do to change the course of ours is very subjective but what we can do to make it useful for the people below us is exceptional. If we cannot put in our bit trying to equal the bars lower than us, we have no rights the condemn the one higher than us too.

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