Our son should be mama's boy but what about our husband...
|   Jul 08, 2016
Our son should be mama's boy but what about our husband...

We all know the meaning of mama's boy. I think no girl want her husband to be mama's boy. Sometimes even we address our husband as same when he took favour of his mother.

One of my friends is going through this. She told me that her husband speaks to his mother on the phone almost daily. Their chit chat continues for long. Sometimes she felt ignored. He updates his mother about every small thing happened with him. Instead of his wife he shares his problems with his mother. All these symptoms indicate that her husband is suffering from mama's boy syndrome . They had a big fight on this issue but the result was nothing. He is very attached to his mother or conventionally we say Oh! He is mama's boy.

After speaking to her, I thought about my relationship with my 10 year's old son. I always told him that I am his friend and he should share every experience with me. We have our secrets which even we don't share with his father. His choice matters me the most. I always asked him, beta "how was I looking in this", "should I wear this or not". Similarly, he asks me for everything. Sometimes my husband says, you are making him mama's boy.

I am not sure whether my son is going to be mama's boy in future and if yes then what is wrong in this. And what shall I do if my son hugs me and tell everything happening around him? Should I snub him or listen to him . As a mother, we have more quotient of patience and tolerance. So, children, whether a girl or a boy, share every little thing with their mother, which many times they don't share with their father . We also heard a common saying that "boys are close to their mother and girls are close to their father". May be this is true because opposite attracts . Then why as a girl we don't want our husband to be a mama's boy.

When we share our day routine or any problem with our mother, spend hours on the phone then there is no such big issue on that, we call it simple chit chat or gossip. But when our husband do the same why we felt so insecure or take it as an "interference of sasu ma" in our life. I think they also share a strong bond with their parents and it's their choice with whom they want to share their feelings.

Still, it is difficult to answer this why we want our son to be a mama's boy but not the same for our husband.

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