Parenting in Modern Times
|   Feb 28, 2017
Parenting in Modern Times

Society was experiencing a vast change due to a breakdown of joint family systems which were separating due to professional demands. This brought in a paucity of adult family members with spare time to take care of the children, thus started affecting the psychological and cultural growth of a child. This also had its detrimental effect on the parents’ minds but they had to focus on their career due to economic reasons or the urge to establish individually.

The women these days are no more carrying the same stereotypical image of a mother i.e., of a stay-at-home mom. With the increased education among women and the high costs of living, the role of the woman has changed to sharing the burden of providing for the family with her husband. On the flip side, in many families both parents are sharing the workload, supporting the family economically, as well as taking turns with the household chores and looking after the children. This had led to a gradual reverse in roles between men and women in today’s society.

Parents are aware of their child’s behavior and are searching ways to change it, but are unsure of where to start. This uncertainty leads then to getting stuck in a place of inaction and growing resentment that nothing is changing. Meanwhile, the child is experiencing the void in family life due to preoccupation of parents and absence of other adult family members. Moreover, the easy availability of various consumerist attractions (cell phone, internet, tablets, laptops) has a severe effect on child psychology.

This twenty-first-century phenomenon has to be tackled with a paradigm shift in parenting. The parents of today have to offer more empathetic mind and attention to the children. The teachers and parents have to ensure that the child uncovers his/her mind and feeling more to them. 

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