The Necessity of Learning Sufficient Vocabulary
|   Aug 11, 2017
The Necessity of Learning Sufficient Vocabulary

A language becomes stronger and meaningful with its diverse and unique vocabulary. Most of the people who speak languages other than their mother tongue, for instance, English, often find it difficult to come up the appropriate vocabulary even though they know the language well. In most of the cases, this is related to the education system that they were part of. While learning a language, it is compulsory that one must get familiar with the diverse colloquial and written vocabulary to connect with it completely.

It is said that vocabulary is something which a child should learn from his/her young age so that when they grow up they have a strong grip on this area. This would make them more confident while speaking with others. So, schools will have to play the major role here to teach our future generation the diversities of vocabulary in various interesting forms. When a person is well equipped with vocabulary, they become more attracted to reading and writing as it would be easy for them to understand the complexities of poetic meanings.

Let’s find out some of the easy ways to make children get familiar with more vocabulary inside classrooms.

Try to make it exciting

Making vocabulary classroom sessions interesting is definitely not a cake walk for any. The teacher will have to come up with out of the box ideas to train the young ones in this regard. However, there are so many practices available these days in the form of interesting classroom games. Word puzzles, guess the word game, word ladder, spelling games and all are a few examples of such interactive vocabulary games.

Try to make it significant

Well, vocabulary not always means the toughest words or those that no one can pronounce. The teacher will have to make sure that all the practice sessions include words that the children would use in various situations. Since we are dealing with the young minds, we have to keep it at a priority that they should be able to connect with it to understand it better.

Try to make the goals attainable

The teacher should keep it in mind that the young shouldn’t be overloaded with words at one go. Provide them easily achievable goals so that they can learn it properly and remember it. When we burden our children with unachievable targets, they tend to get deviated from the topic. Also, decrease the level of difficulty, especially during the initial stages to retain their interest.

South Indian schools are putting a lot of effort these days to enhance the vocabulary skills of their children. Particularly, Oakridge International Schools have been conducting week long inter-school events to encourage the vocabulary skills of their students.

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