Why CBSE Board for Our Kids
|   Jul 19, 2017
Why CBSE Board for Our Kids

A curriculum is the foundation of a child’s understanding towards the world. It is the framework that shows the child to carry forward his path to success. Well, in that case, the curriculum has to be strong and thoughtfully drafted to enable the child with the fortune of knowledge.

In India, education is considered as one of the crucial stages of national and societal development. We have our own education methods and practices along with the considerately made curriculum. Let’s have a look at the CBSE curriculum followed in most of the schools in India and its benefits to children.

CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the elite curriculums available to students in India. In a country like India with diverse culture and lifestyle, CBSE tries to bring in the knowledge to broaden the student’s mind to accept each of these diversities with due respect. This tremendous effort is usually not found in any curriculum. Being said that, the proficient curriculum makers of CBSE keep it in mind to change with time when it is required.

In India, more than 9000 schools are affiliated to the CBSE board and thus its curriculum is made at par with international standards.

CBSE usually appears more child-friendly than any other syllabus available in the country. The entire study program structure is made in such a way to reduce a humongous amount of pressure from the students. Thus, it is more interactive and action oriented to keep it interested. In other ways, this makes learning a lot happier than it appears.

Since the curriculum is not completely focused on the annual exams and results, it encourages the appropriate learning process of each child. When the learning process does not take place under pressure, children will be able to learn practically so that they can avoid reading it all before the day of the exam.

The CBSE syllabus focuses on the mental and physical growth of students while providing him/her with the power of knowledge. Most importantly, the curriculum gives the opportunity to the child to select their choice of subject to study instead of forcing them to follow the age-old subjects and methods. This flexibility is simply amazing and it lets students learn the act of choosing what is right for them. Many of the South Indian schools, especially Oakridge International Schools are successfully following the CBSE syllabus for the benefit of their students.

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