The Better Life - By Cecilia Abraham (for all our kids)
|   Apr 28, 2016
The Better Life - By Cecilia Abraham (for all our kids)

The Better Life

Sara and Kabir, I don't dream of a better life for you
You already have the "Best" Life, it's true
You run around and scream on the up swing
You play with flowers,stones and other little sweet things

You carry your school bag, what an overload
I wish your books changed to pink and blue butterflies
Your pencils to magical wands and erasers to green fireflies
I wish you were in wonderland, for the young and bored

Hope your exams, turn to a game where the losers always win
I don't aspire for you to be an ace student,
But to understand the wonders of the Arts and Science
Break, Bend, Mould, Create and then you will learn and rise

You have a better life, my sweet cupcakes
Share it  with others, give away your better life
Then you will discover the  beauty of your existence
Where discoveries are made and poems rhymed

I have no dreams for you, will you hold it against me?
Each one must have their own (Grandpa said that)
I just have one expectation, it is important to me
Please be naughty, nice and simply - the best beings you can be.

Cecilia Abraham

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