Ma and Pa – Great Chemistry!!
|   May 14, 2016
Ma and Pa – Great Chemistry!!

About mom and dad... on a lighter note...

From a child's perspective ...


Mother - chemical symbol Ma,

Father - chemical symbol Pa;

Ma - great affinity for Pa,

Pa - great bonding with Ma!


Together a great pair,

For sure some electron pair, they do share;

Unlike the lone pair,

Stability by bonding, is what they care!


Ma is highly active,

At times, radioactive I must say;

Pa appears passive,

Usually, inert is his way!


Noble metals excite Ma,

They charge her positively;

All metals excite Pa,

He is charged negatively!


For sure opposites attract,

Other metals have failed to distract;

At half-life they still co-exist,

Corrosion of bonds is what they resist!


Such is their equation,

A well-balanced reaction;

Exothermic in nature - a lot of heat evolved,

Hybridization achieved, new products formed!


These basic elements - Ma and Pa,

Following the octet rule of sharing;

Stability they have achieved,

Our hearts for sure they rule by bonding -

Equilibrium in life, we have achieved,

In trying to be like Ma and Pa!


Life is all about chemistry! If we have a sizzling chemistry with our partners, it's exothermic with passion. Perfect bonding with one and all - family, friends and colleagues alike is what matters the most to all mothers. It's all about our equation with them and our reaction to the situations we face every day. With some friction and fusion along the way, finally attaining equilibrium, is the goal in any relation or situation for mothers.

Mothers have to deal with a lot of chemistry matters! Our day, from the kitchen in the morning, to the bed at night is all about chemistry! Be it preparing a perfect pickle, or a fluffy idli, dhokla or cake batter, it's chemistry all the way. Cleaning the clothes to the tiles, it's the wonderful chemicals which come handy. A perfect concoction of henna for the hair or our hands is the mystery of chemistry too. Even if you are planning a perfect poison potion or our Indian killer kadha, its chemistry at your rescue!

Pleasing people around you is your chemistry with them. So please get your chemistry right, rest will follow. If you plan to smell good, the scented soaps to the perfect perfumes you use, are all wonders of chemistry! The room fresheners, mouth fresheners to the mood fresheners (aromatic candles etc) all are a result of chemistry and they help you to enhance your chemistry!

So dear mothers, with the help of chemistry, set your chemistry right!

The above is written with an aim to lighten your mood and pep your spirits. A daily dose of such light moments is very essential for us, as parents or mothers, in our struggle to survive each day. People with some knowledge of chemistry will be able to relate to me in a better way and a big thank you for others who read till the end patiently!

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