Mother - I failed to care !
|   May 04, 2016
Mother - I failed to care !
A tribute to mothers.... 

Mother, the noblest profession,
But a thankless job, I must say;
Mom's a nag, a kid's confession,
Don't brag is what they say!

A mom for sure,
Ticks more than a clock;
Her heart for sure,
Beats faster for her flock!

Caring and worrying for her kid,
Through day and night is what she did;
Her love and duty for her man,
With love and beauty – execute she can!

In the process of grooming her family,
She forgets to groom herself;
Worrying for her family,
She forgets to worry about herself!

Her beauty fading with age,
Was noticed by her children of age;
She made the shabby and clumsy beautiful,
But now she was shabby and clumsy to the beautiful!

The hand that rocked the cradle,
Is now feeble;
And the children don't dare to care,
Their homes they fail to share!

The children lost in their dreams,
Fail to see the mother's plight;
Busy pursuing their dreams,
Were they on the flight!

Soon roles reversed,
The child - a mother now;
About her child – she has to bother now,
Hoping time could be reversed!

The sight of an empty chair,
Leaves within an urge to care;
Too late it was now, to show any love – 
To the mother, who was no more there!

I am sure, many of us can relate to the instances mentioned in the simple poem above. It is based on my observations and experiences in our society. We the present generation kids are so lost in shaping our careers and lives that we often forget to take care of the ones who shaped and moulded us into what we are today. Yes I mean our parents! 
They have invested their valuable time, money and their glorious youth in us, many times sacrificing their comforts to make us comfortable. Mothers and fathers have spent sleepless nights at our bedside nursing us when we were sick. They have toiled hard to fulfil our extravagant needs too. They have enriched our lives with high morals and values, culture and traditions and provided us with the much-needed exposure to technology.
Today when they are old and frail, are we returning their services back with a smile? This is not a favour we are doing but what we rightfully owe them in return for choosing to educate and making us successful in life.   
Today in our tryst with life dominated by technology, let us strengthen our hands with the age-old virtues of kindness and compassion and take care of our old parents so that they can be happy in their last phase of life. Remember, time flies and soon we will be in their shoes, old and frail.... longing for our children's company!
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