Mother, the multitasking Robot!
|   May 06, 2016
Mother, the multitasking Robot!

A mother in our society is nothing short of a multifaceted, multitasking robot. She is a granny, mother, wife, daughter in law, daughter, and sister in a voluntary social service organisation called 'family'. Voluntary social services, because she is not entitled to any salary, perks or leave!

This robot starts her day as an alarm clock for the family, which has to keep buzzing patiently till everybody is out of their beds. Once this is achieved she switches into the coffee maker mode, pouring out cups of aromatic coffee.... a coffee maker in the true sense as she seldom finds time to sip any! She soon transforms into a roti maker in most families (at times a sandwich maker) rolling out huge numbers of soft, crisp rotis or paranthas as the demand may be! 

This robot has great battery life I must say! Without pausing for a charge she soon turns into a vacuum cleaner, to suck out the dirt from the corners and minds of the rooms and the people of the house alike.

With the sun rising high, and her energy running low, she stops running around and goes into the power saving mode. She decides to stand at a place and be a washing machine.( avoids interacting with others in this mode – hence power saving for sure!) Scrubs vigorously the stains on the clothes and her hurt heart, due to the indifference of the people in the family towards her efforts, put in to run the family smoothly.

Soon it is noon, and she adorns the role of a food processor – she cuts, slices, grinds and kneads without complaining and fixes a tasty meal for the family, for which she is seldom appreciated.

For fear of breaking down and turning out to be expensive for the family, she finally decides to park herself and charge her battery with whatever is available in the kitchen or fridge.

By the time she is partially charged, her children come charging in, back from school. They start bombarding her with queries and share their day's experiences in a jet speed fashion, each one trying to outdo the other. She turns into a computer, her hard disc spinning fast, trying to save every detail of what is hurled at her. She opens Mr. Google in one of her tabs and starts answering the queries of her inquisitive children tactfully and efficiently.

As she winds up with this session, with her hyperactive kids she finds her hubby at the door! He is back after a tiring day at work with his usual complaints of a catch in the neck or back... To pep up his spirits she turns into a coffee maker. She carries a cup of hot piping coffee to him, hoping to chat and charge herself. But this idea was soon shelved to turn into a massager as per the demands of her tired hubby who failed to see that she was tired too.

An obedient robot that she was, she soon transformed into a massager, and caressed the pain away from her hubby's neck with her deft fingers. Later with her drained battery she set off to look into the last task of the day – fixing dinner for the family.

Her day ends with a glance at the  clock, only to be reminded that her first role in the morning was that of an alarm clock!

The day this robot is weak and gets emotional and starts seeking appreciation and acknowledgement for its services, it ceases to be a good mother, wife, daughter in law etc. Everyone loves this multifaceted, multitasking robot, but if this robot feels human and complains once in a while, it is labelled as a typical nagging wife and mother. At times, an irresponsible and self-centered daughter in law too!

These multifaceted, multitasking robots are in great demand in our society. There is a newer version of working mothers – who works at home for free and at an office for a salary. This new version is powered with a better battery and better motors as it has to work double and withstand the double pressure, of work at home and office. Check out for the specifications and the ISI logo before you go in for one! Chinese or other imported versions won't last in our Indian environment.

So east or west, Indian mothers are the best!  

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