Sharing responsibilities at home...
|   May 18, 2016
Sharing responsibilities at home...

# Sharing responsibilities at home – An important lesson for children!

About grooming children to face life...

Whenever I am at the duty-free shops at the airport, I always struggle to resist the irresistible! My addiction to chocolates and I invariably indulge in some. This is one thing for which I never need any company.

This often transports me back to the times when my children were little babies. I never wanted to deprive them of the joys of this delightful delicacy which I myself relish. But at the same time, the mother in me wanted to be cautious and keep a check on their intake.

So as a rule, whenever we got a bar of chocolate – either bought or gifted, we would invariably share it with everyone at home! Also, whenever there were too many chocolates around, it used to be stored in the fridge and would strictly appear after lunch or dinner. My kids soon fell in tune with this idea of sharing chocolates.

I have always believed strongly in inculcating the habit of sharing in kids at a young age. They are like clay dough and get moulded by what they see!

Hence, in my household, every weekend is great family learning time! Watering the pots in the balcony, putting the garbage bin out, stacking books and toys neatly, loading the washing machine and starting the wash etc were done by the four of us! I make sure that my children inculcate the value of sharing, not just material possessions but also responsibilities by working together.

I truly believe that it is a good idea to keep children around in a pram as you work even when they are as young as two. This way kids get to see how their parents help one another and share the responsibilities. These little things go a long way in teaching them great lessons and gear them up to face life.

Yes, teaching values to your kids might come with some extra work, especially for the moms! I still remember the weekend in which my daughter set out with her father to clean the car. I spent my "me time" listening to music while the Father - Daughter duo enjoyed outdoors. When the doorbell rang, I was horrified to see my daughter at the door! All black and greasy were her hands, some face art was done with grease, and all muck on her clothes. She was singing helping hands, helping hands, as she proudly displayed her hands and narrated how she and her dad helped our neighbour – old MR D'souza repair his car. Looking at my not so happy face, she got little worried. Just then I realized that these are values that I have instilled in her.

I managed to say trying to put on a smile... Facing my parenting challenges, "Now it is time to challenge Surf Excel!!" Soon my kids raced towards the washing machine with my husband behind them in an attempt to help me. Looking at the way in which they always volunteer to help me, my worries soon disappeared! I knew by now they could manage the washing task. So I headed to prepare my daughter for a much-required bath.

Parenting is not all that difficult if you have the support of your husband and kids. Involving your child in doing their bit in the household chores is an important aspect of grooming your child to face life. This is one aspect in which housewives fail miserably. By spoon feeding your child and giving him everything on a platter, you are making him a misfit in today's society. Children today must be given ample opportunities to groom themselves with life skills at home so that they are well equipped to face and survive in this society.

Tip for all parents: Teach your children to share by encouraging them to share goodies, toys, books, workload, time, ideas, and thoughts. Practise this religiously at home. Soon this will become a habit and they will follow it in all situations.

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