|   Apr 15, 2016

Choosing between career and family...
Gracy, with her head buried in her hands, was at her desk by the window in her apartment. It was all dark but for the sunlight creeping its way through the slits of the curtain. She was in no mood for office. Of late she found her routine very mundane. And today was no different.
After long hours of work, day after day, boredom had set in. She didn't find her work exciting anymore. Neither did she look forward to hanging out with friends and pubbing! As the sun went down, she could see most of her colleagues stealing a glance at the clocks, waiting to eject from their office chairs, impatiently.(Except for some real oldies who preferred their matured scotch to their matured wives!)  But she didn't feel the same. There was something amiss. She dreaded going back to her empty apartment. The last time she socialized, was at a friend's engagement bash, a couple of months ago.
This friend was one of the last on the list, who decided to take the plunge for good, and Gracy was left alone to face the world. At twenty two, she  had walked off from her parents home, to join her group of friends, blinded by the temptation of freedom, fun, and frolic that her friends promised.  In that moment of rush and spurt of emotions, she failed to sense that her friends, will soon pursue their own dreams . 
Today as she looked back at life, at thirty, life had come to a standstill. Her eyes clouded with tears, as she recollects the day when she refused to get married to a well-settled guy, which her parents had chosen; just to breakaway from the norms of the society under the influence of peers.  She had told her parents very clearly, that her career was her priority at that time. So today's Cinderella had chosen her new job's offer letter over the shoe offered by her prince charming and moved out of town.
Having faced the ups and downs, learning from life's experiences Gracy was doing well at work. She has learnt about the instability and trauma involved  in every affair or live in relationships – at times by firsthand experiences or by seeing her buddies suffer in anxiety and depression over the same issues. All this was nothing short of a nightmare when compared to the love, laughter and stability which she enjoyed  all her childhood due to the great love and bonding shared by her parents in marriage.
So deep within her was an urge to settle down in a stable relationship, leaving behind the nerd in her. Mom was the word that came to her mind. At a click, her mobile dialled her mom's number! "Mom I will be home by evening." was all she managed to say, in an attempt to control her tears and shaky voice. Packing her bags, she headed to the airport.
As the morning wind swept across her sun-kissed face, she felt happy and carefree once again. She was happy with her decision. Yes better late than never as they say...
Mom, a mom, after all, was only more than happy to have her child back in her arms. The lost sheep was back home. Her joy knew no bounds. A smile drifts through her face as the thoughts of her daughter finally getting married flashed through her mind. Indeed, a blissful moment to cherish.
Gracy in the above story is a depiction of the present generation girl, who takes her career  and friends more seriously than family. Every career oriented girl or woman goes through such a phase at some point in life. They get charmed and carried away by the various career options and lucrative salaries. Working up the ladder, they crumble under the pressure from home, peers, relationships, and work.  Those who succeed in balancing career, friends and family properly, manage to reach greater heights and those who don't, face failures, depressions and end up at the noose many times. 
Life is not about the right or wrong decisions. It is about making the  decision at the right time.


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