The education of Green Diwali
|   Nov 04, 2016
The education of Green Diwali

As soon as my son came back from school after Diwali celebrations two days before Diwali, he said " Mom ! U know we should not burn crackers " I was surprised why a 4 year old would not be lured by the sparkles and crackles of the festival . To which he responded " If we burst crackers , the birds like sparrows would die and dogs would be hurt." I was pleased that the schools today inculcate such good feelings right from the childhood. These little framers of our future are being guided on a right path.

But maybe I myself as an adult could not really stop myself from buying a few crackers. I thought that I will pollute the environment lesser this year but will burst a few as a Shagun. After the puja at Diwali , I gathered all the stuff needed to celebrate a safe Diwali with my favorite crackers. To my astonishment, not only my son but the other kids in the house too were adamant for a green Diwali and I had to give up my plans.

For them , Diwali is a Festival of Lights and celebration which comprises making rangoli, cleaning and decorating homes and rebonding with all the family members. He enjoyed making a colorful rangoli himself. Lighting diyas and candles around. Though it's said that home is the first school for a child , I failed to provide him the learning of basics of being a responsible citizen for a brighter world. But thanks to the schools of today who are shaping well the hope of the future.

It amazes me how even mature minds like ours follow the customs and traditions blindfolded at the cost of our own environment. Whereas the innocent hearts are so sensitive for the world around to make it a better place for everyone to live.

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