My transition from being Dad's little girl to a Mom.
|   May 03, 2017
My transition from being Dad's little girl to a Mom.

Motherhood has been truly a life changing and most enriching experience for me.

I may have taken many decisions all my life but the best and the most fulfilling one was when i decided to be a Mom.

Before being a mom I felt everything was under control and felt I was good at managing things on time.But after becoming a Mom things changed drastically .

Time was the big factor and managing the kids and chores at home at the same time was challenging. Especially for a working Mom like me, But i was lucky to have help at home inform of my Mother-in-law.

I was expected to be a ultimate superhero - I had to learn to do multitasking , had to be so full of life all the time.

If was dull , more than anyone my  kids seem to be upset about it.

For kids there is nothing more comforting than being with mom's, that feeling is truly enriching and worth all the trouble.

It makes me wonder 'How does a Mom tend to have such patience? does this transition happen all of a sudden after she becomes a mom?'. This transition is very gradual and I learnt along with my kids. Some times i felt i was failing at it but its the love of the kids that kept me going.

From me being a girl who was used to being pampered , getting everything that she wanted to being a Mom who puts others needs before her is something that I did voluntarily. 

This formula of a super Mom seems to be inbuilt in women already and all it takes is will power and lots of Love for their family.

From the day I conceived I started the  journey of transition.I slowly stopped having junk and started eating food that would make my baby more healthy.Seeing my baby during the scans and listening to the Baby's heart beat is something I would cherish forever.

Feeling my baby move inside me is the best feeling ever that I cannot express in words.

I still remember the words my Doctor said to me when she took my baby in her arms in the operation theater. Especially when my little one was born she said 'Kavitha now your family is complete, you have a daughter as per your wish'.

I was overjoyed and after delivery I forgot my physical  strain that my body was going through and put my babies needs before mine. Initial days were tough as I had to loose my sleep .I slept when the baby slept and woke when my baby woke up.

All I used to think was when i need to feed my babies , and when to introducing the right kind of food to them.

Time has gone by and now I am a proud mother of two kids. My elder one ( my son ) has started school and my little one (my baby girl) is in her 9th month .

Managing both of them has been tiring at times but it gave me utmost satisfaction as I get unconditional love from them.

After having kids I seemed to understand all the trouble my mom had gone through.

Family values and love still prevails because of Moms who are trying their best to put the kids in right direction.

Giving birth to my kids was just the beginning of the journey but bringing them up with the right values and getting them to be good people is the ultimate goal.

Kudos to Mom's all over for going through all this with a big smile on their face :) :)

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