Bad Handwriting ( My Story)
|   Jul 05, 2016
Bad Handwriting ( My Story)

The other day, I was checking my son’s friend’s notes for completing some of his incomplete notes. I was appreciating the Girl’s handwriting in my heart as it was beautiful. At the end of the notes, the teacher had written in Bold and red letters, “Handwriting needs improvement”.

That comment made my memory go back to my school days.

When I was in 4th std, my mom came with me for ParentsTeachersMeeting and my teachers complained about my handwriting. My mom made me write cursive writing notes for a whole year and sent me to calligraphy classes. I did obediently whatever she said and after one year, my handwriting didn’t change. Yes, somehow I couldn’t learn how to write in a good handwriting. In my 5 th standard, my mom told me,” I know you did everything to improve your handwriting, so hereafter, if someone says, your handwriting is poor, don’t take it to heart. Design your future, your fate that is powerful”. My teachers complained every year and my mom used to smile and would always say," Take it light”. My teachers, I agree, wished the best for me and were always supportive in all other aspects. Still complaining about the same thing again and again, will definitely mar the confidence level of a child.

In my 9th standard, I have joined a new school, in a new place, as my father got transferred to this place. In my old school, my handwriting was the worse, all the teachers knew about it, and they were tired of complaining about me to improve my handwriting, and left it. This was my new school and I had written my first notes and submitted for corrections. I got back my notes after teacher's corrections and the teacher have written in bold letters A to Z and there was a note, learn how to write A to Z first.

I have learnt to live with these comments, but still this one hurt me as a 14 year old girl.

This incident, In 9th std to learn a,b,c was painful. As it was a new school, I didn’t make any new friends and this remark hurt me badly. I shared with my mom and she said," these incidents make you strong, don’t mind, when the teacher find your other talents, she will ignore this”

I forgot about it and later when the exam results came, the same things continued,the teachers informed my Parents," your daughter is coming 2nd position or 3rd position in school, If she writes in a good handwriting, then she will come first". My mom always says with a smile, “After 10 years, it will not really matter whether you came first or second in your 10th standard”.

Everyone noticed my handwriting, but no one noticed my writing skills. I am not saying that my writing skills are great, but at least it was more decent than my Handwriting. My English teacher in my old school was the only one, who said, if anyone wishes to write answers for English lessons, just check Kavitha’s notes.

In college, I got a prize in short story writing competition, then I thought maybe I can write. In college, my friends and my parents encouraged me to start writing about anything.

Then came the online blogger era and yes, now I am writing a lot daily, no one comments about my handwriting as all my writings are in MS word. All the insults for my not so beautiful handwriting, did help me, yes it helped me to accept all critics. Now I can differentiate which comment to take to heart and which one to ignore.

Coming to today's time,as an adult, that bold red note disturbed me, think of the Girl’s feelings whenever she sees that note for reading lessons.

Good Handwriting is not the beginning and end of this world.

Insults make us face the world with stronger hearts, but teachers, parents and well-wishers, if a child’s handwriting is not good, encourage them and teach them to write well, if they still can't write in a beautiful handwriting, after 10 to 15 years, they will not be writing anything in pen and paper including their exams. Help them develop their writing skills and presentation skills, and their handwriting.

 Note: Finnish schools are said to be the Top schools in the world and all the other countries, take lessons from them to teach their kids. The latest info, Finnish schools have stopped, making their kids practice cursive writing. Check out the article.

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