Increase your income by doing what you love (Myths and Facts)
|   Jan 17, 2017
Increase your income by doing what you love (Myths and Facts)

Did you ever wonder how children  are always full of energy and flow with happiness, while we elders become tired easily? The answer is that children do things they love. They have freedom to do what they love. The freedom and happiness keeps them energetic all day.Many of my friends, wonder life would be fantastic if we live forever as kids. I personally feel that if we have the freedom to do things what we love, then we would feel more young at heart and soul.So, when our mind is happy and peaceful, the effects on our body is also good.More than the physical activities our mentality plays a strong impact in feeling young.

I have been away from blogging for a few days, as I was busy researching about this topic.  I  was hoping that it would be nice if I could earn extra, by doing the things I love.Yes, the results have been encouraging I was checking out all the possible sources to do something in my spare time, which engages me, makes me happy and if possible, earn some side income for me. The answer I found is freelancing. Earlier I felt that freelancing was for the highly educated and skilled. The truth is that it is not so. Freelancing is for anybody who has just a laptop or desktop with an internet connection. I did my research about freelancing in digital media. No physical products, so we have the convenience to work whenever and wherever we want. All my experiments first I do with myself and my guinea pigs are my friends and cousins. Yes, we all are happy with the results. Before, I say what you get by freelancing, I would like to specify, what you don’t get from it.

  1. You don’t earn thousands of rupees overnight. If you can understand the strategies and work on that then, yes, earning thousands of rupees is not a distant dream.
  2. Freelancing doesn’t give you a lot of time. In fact, till you understand what is going on it gives you sleepless nights. It is for go getters.
  3. You need your family support. You need positive people around you to help you. You need to speak to your family first, explain them about freelancing. Make them understand that you are not available for a few hours, even though you are at home. You might have to work on some deadlines too.
  4. Customers in the freelancing are like any other people. Along with good work, they need you to communicate with them properly. You don’t need a high vocabulary, but immediate communication and polite conversation would help.
  5. You need not give your phone number, email address or any of your details. In fact, there are some good websites like up work, etc., which don’t ask you to reveal your personal details. It is your choice. I have been successfully freelancing in my pen name from last one year.
  6. That income is not paid to you regularly is again a myth. I agree there are many scams and few websites which pays you very meagre amount for some click jobs. Freelancing is doing what you love,not doing routine and mundane jobs to earn peanuts.

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