The Great Secret of Life
|   Apr 18, 2016
The Great Secret of Life

Once upon a time,there was a king who had a beautiful and vast kingdom, a happy family and content citizens. Everything was going on in a great way. Once the king heard that a great sage had arrived near the forest of the kingdom and decided to invite him to the palace. He wanted to serve the sage as his guest in his palace for a few days. So, he sent his guards to bring the sage to the kingdom. The sage refused to accompany his guards to the palace. The king felt anger and humiliated. He checked himself at the right time. The king and the queen decided to visit the sage in the forest. The sage was very happy, welcomed both of them and spoke to him for a long time. The king requested the sage to guide him to rule the country by staying with him in the palace. The sage politely refused. He said.” Oh! Great king, you don't need me in your kingdom always but I will give you two secret envelopes to guide you.

Whenever you face the pinnacle of troubles, which I pray you will never face, please open the first cover. When you feel content and happy, you think you have received all the blessings from the almighty, everything is fantastic in your life, and then you will open the second cover. This would suffice for you” The king felt happy and relieved. Came back to the palace and ruled happily.

After a few years, the rains failed in the kingdom, there was a famine and an epidemic broke. Many of the people in the kingdom died. The king was very unhappy and tried his best to take control of the situations but he couldn't do anything. The king decided to open the first envelope, the sage gave, thinking probably he would get some solutions. When he opened the first letter, he was shocked and angry, there were only 3 words, in the letter, “This will pass”. First the king couldn't understand the meaning, then slowly it dawned on him that the situation was out of his control and he has to wait for this stage to pass by keeping himself and the people around him positively.

After a few days it rained, the doctors found a cure for the epidemic, slowly the king returned to standard. A few years went by, the kingdom was flourishing. His son, the prince, had grown into a handsome young man, ready to occupy the throne. The king was feeling very pleased and gratified. He remembered the second envelope. He found it and opened it. When he did that, he couldn't suppress his laughter. In that letter, there were 3 simple words, “This will pass”. The king understood the great sage teaching’s, whether you are a king or a citizen, you will not have control of all things going on in life. Try your best and leave the rest. Always remember that happiness or sorrow both will not stick to your life forever, both will pass. The king made sure that he gave his son the two envelopes with the same instructions. This is the story has different versions (Author unknown)


This is the greatest lesson, we have to teach our kids, to see both sides of the coin with the same attitude, because, “Whatever it is, it will pass”. Learning to see both success and failure with the same attitude is what even many adults are unable to cope up with. If taught earlier, this could be a great life lesson for your kid.

As the world is quickly changing, our children are raised in a very different environment than we ever could imagine. The times we were brought up seem prehistoric. What type of parent would be better now? There are so many doubts. 

As goes one famous quote…

“Watch your thoughts, they become words,

Watch your words, they become actions,

Watch your actions, they become habits,

Watch your habits, they become character,

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”

Written by Lau Tzu, a Chinese philosopher.

This applies to everyone, including our children. In case of our children’s brains, we better be doubly vigilant. Parenting is not as simple, as the “As you sow, so you reap,” concept. It is the process of different people and different environments sowing a variety of seeds in our child's mind—the good, the bad, the ugly—and we are supposed to carefully take out the weeds and nurture the good seeds. Like farming, yes, this process takes a lot of time and energy, but still, the results are worth it. When we try to take out the weeds, we should carefully answer the many questions of the young brain, always curious to know what is happening around its little world.

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