Virtue Baby
|   May 09, 2017
Virtue Baby

Hii all

What you think when you heard the word 

" Virtue Baby"!!! It's like creating a new life but with so many virtues like virtues of peace,balance,creativity,forgiveness,loyality, purity,enthusiasm,power to decide etc so many. The list is so long. What a would be mother wants from her child who is on 9 month journey in mother's womb(peacful one)??

Obviously she wants all virtues in her child. But despite wanting to be a great mother all women has confusion,doubts and lots of anxiety. All of our elders told us think good thoughts while you are pregnant. Why they are saying this?? You know taking care of your thoughts and feelings would have the most significant impact on physical and emotional development of your child. We are living in scientifc world today.  We want scientific truth of all things. You can google out that there is lot of research on this whether a person thoughts impact on others. Yes it's true.

So having a baby in womb is unaffected by your daily thoughts??? Yes he/she will defintely.

After having baby we try to burden a child with so many things :- will try to preach good habits,good thoughts, sending him so many classes to enhance his/her skills. But what will happen when a pregnant women indulge good habits good thoughts having a baby in womb.(We can't shift to this mode instantly but we can try atleast for our baby)

Same as most of the newly pregnant women do,i also did..what? Google out things what to read during pregnancy, what to eat in pregnancy. I found the concept of virtue baby. It was so fascinating that if you will put a little efforts in your daily routine for your child. It will improve his/her life  and the period starts from womb itself.

I know you can not keep only good thoughts throughout the day,but something is better than nothing. Check out the virtues baby seriers from youtube. It will definetly help you understanding this concept deeply. So take out some VIRTUE TIME daily to connect to your baby within the womb. So as to raise an emotionally stronger and morally uplifted child.

It's your personal wish to take some efforts now and see the results.

Keep positive vibrations within you and nurture your baby in a loving environmennt.

"Life of a mother is a life of a child; they are two blossoms on the single branch "- Karen Mazezen Miller

Really happy to share this article. May it will help you somehow.

With Love

Angel hooda

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